How to Block More Shots in Basketball Without Fouling


One aspect of basketball that has always been crucial to winning games is defense, and within the subject of defense, comes the issue of blocking shots.

Blocking shots is the best way to deny your opponent from scoring the ball, yet it is also the most dangerous one because many things could go wrong and turn against you when you try to block a shot.

The usual scenario is this:

You could either foul your player, or be pump-faked and get scored on after taking the bait and jumping.

Usually when a player pump fakes you, he wants to get you in the air so he could get around you, or in worst cases, get you fouled and squeeze that and-1.

So, in order to contest on your opponent’s shot, you need to learn how to defend properly without getting yourself into foul trouble.

Being a good blocker is not easy though, even huge players such as DeAndre Jordan (6’11 in height) only average about 2-3 blocks per game.

That goes to show you just how hard it is to be blocking in games since teams in the NBA have such a good offense these days.

Anthony Davis blocking Chris Bosh

What Makes A Good Blocker?

Being a good blocker heavily depends on your physique. Height and size are huge factors for becoming a good blocker. In the NBA, the players who are above 6’10” and close to the 7 feet range are usually the best blockers.

Also, long hands and arm-span play an important role here. We use our hands to block when we jump, so the longer your hands are, the further you can get, thus giving you a better chance to contest on your opponents’ shot.

But not everything relies on physical traits. There are other things that are equally important for being a good blocker such as your vertical jump (see more about that here), quickness, reading the offense well and most importantly your timing.

How JaVale McGgee Trains To Block Shots

This next video shows how one of the leading players in the NBA, JaVale McGgee does it. So pay attention and watch how you should go for blocking a shot the right way.

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