How to Jump 2-6 Inches Higher in 45 Minutes – FREE Download

jump manual downloadI’d like to share with you guys what started everything for me in my quest for increasing my vertical, it was the free workbook on ‘How to Jump Higher in 45 Minutes’ (by Jacob Hiller) which you can download below.

This preview workbook is very helpful and it’s what got me interested The Jump Manual program back in the days when I was first introduced to it.

After reading this pdf I was amazed at how many factors there are for increasing your vertical jump.

Well, you’d think that jumping is something simple and easy like jumping a rope, right? after all, what’s so complicated about jumping?

Well, if jumping a rope was the case then you’d probably be right, but when we’re talking about dunking in basketball, where the demands and the expectation from your legs are super high, you couldn’t be more wrong actually.

Training at high levels is a lot harder and more complicated, it requires a different approach and if we wish to eventually dunk, and make no mistake here guys, dunking on a 10 foot rim when you’re only 6 feet tall requires athleticism, then you need to conduct yourself like an athlete.

Think about it for a second, if it was easy then everybody could do it, right? but in reality, only few people who are average height can dunk, even less so in a game.

So In this case we’re not talking about easy stuff here. if we are to eventually dunk then first of all we need learn how to train correctly.

When we’re talking about training it’s very important to know what you’re doing, it requires a certain level of understanding of the fundamentals.

Taking your basketball skills to the next level and maximizing your athletic ability involves pushing yourself every time you train.

This means that If you’re not training the right way you are literally pushing and going in the wrong direction.

That is why we need to make sure that every time we step on the court we’re following the right path, otherwise we won’t get to where we aimed for, and that’s where The Jump Manual comes into play.

It all begins with the understanding of correct training principals, in which you’ll learn about in this pdf.

Think of it as a map that guides you and helps you stay on track to reach your destination, I’ve talked about this subject extensively in my review of the jump manual.

Jump 2-6 Inches Higher Instantly

This free guide will teach you how you can increase your vertical jump in just 45 minutes.

Now I know what you’re thinking ‘how can you increase your vertical jump in just 45 minutes?’ I was thinking the same thing when I first downloaded it and I was skeptical too, believe me.

But after reading it and trying it out in the field I was surprised to discover it’s really working.

Suddenly, with just a little understanding and implementation of few basic principals, I was jumping higher!

I think this was the first moment I realized that this Manual is really good and that it’s worth giving it a shot.

A Few Words About The Program…

Before you download the PDF I want to talk about some of the features with The Jump Manual…

The Program contains a lot of information about various subjects like:

  • Strength training – how you should strengthen your legs
  • Warming-up properly to prevent injuries (very important)
  • How choosing the right shoes will help you jump higher
  • Speeding yourself on the court
  • Jumping higher by proper form
  • How to use momentum to maximize your jump
  • And more…

The exercises and the training routine is sometimes hard and not so fun but doing what the program says will definitely get you results. Also, Jacob did a wonderful job at explaining everything in detail and the program is really friendly, intuitive and easy to understand and work with.


To sum things up I think this free workbook is good enough to get you started, but if you’re serious about increasing your vertical, you’re gonna need more than that.

Notice: This free pdf is not The Jump Manual program, it is only a free workbook I offer here in order to get you guys started. If you want to uncover the full potential of your vertical leap, then go and buy the program, it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a basketball player and you’ll save yourself a lot of time on trial and error by doing so.

P.S. There’s also a free pdf from Vert Shock if you want to check that out as well.