How a 5’5″ Player Trained Himself to Dunk


Tall basketball players have a distinct advantage when it comes to dunking, that’s a fact.

Many of the legendary dunkers such as Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins are well over six feet tall.

When looking at these ferocious dunkers, you might think to yourself:

“At my height, I don’t have a chance of getting above the rim.”

However, being short is no excuse for not being able to dunk, as many short players such as Nate Robinson and Spud Webb have proved long ago that vertically-challenged athletes are still capable of flying high.

The key to developing an impressive vertical is consistent training and perseverance.

Sound cliche, right?

Well that’s the truth, and if you don’t believe me then check out this 5’5″ guy and see for yourself.

The Story of Brandon Todd – A 5’5″ Dunker

  Today I want to show you a unique case of someone who was unwilling to give up his dream, despite his physical stature.

This is the story of a small guy from Ohio who just wanted to dunk.

Unfortunately at 5’5″, his height was a major roadblock.

Nevertheless, Brandon Todd proved that there’s no boundary to what you can do when you TRULY want something.

Get ready for some inspiration.

The Quest for Dunking

Standing at a mere height of only 5 feet 5 inches tall, Brandon Todd always had dreams of slamming down a basketball through the rim.

Obviously, his height was the main obstacle preventing him from reaching his goal.

After numerous failed attempts at dunking, Brandon started questioning whether he would ever be able to complete his mission.

Fortunately, he did not let his past failures to continue to haunt him.

As a testament to the benefits of an effective training regimen, Brandon can now consistently dunk a basketball on a regular basis.

I decided to post this story for you because I wanted you to see that…

it’s not impossible for you to dunk, even if you’re short.

You see, when I had a hard time progressing with my vertical, I started asking myself…

Can I even do it?”

…and many times, I even thought about quitting altogether.

But after discovering Brandon Todd and seeing him doing the unthinkable, I couldn’t help but thinking:

This guy was 5’5″ and he didn’t quit, so what gives me the right to do so?!

Flying over the rim – Brandon Todd

And all of a sudden there were no more doubts and no more concerns… I knew what I had to do and I felt compelled to it. I knew in my heart that if I keep training, one day I’ll be able to have that dunk.

Now you might say I was wrong to think that, and that Todd is simply a freak athlete… and to some extent you’d be right.

But the truth is…

He’s a classic case of how solid hard work pays off.

And I wish more people knew about the man, ’cause what he did is TRULY extraordinary.

Todd’s story was the thing that inspired me to keep training back when I was still struggling to even touch the rim.

And thankfully, it was all worth it… because now, for a change, I too can say:

I can do it.

Thank you Brandon.

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