One of the things I get every time I open my inbox is emails from people asking me if I tried Adam Folker’s Vert Shock program.

For a long time, my answer was:

No, haven’t tried it.

But after a while, I got tired of people asking me the same question over-and-over and not being able to give them a good answer.

So, I decided to do something about it…

I didn’t have enough time to do the program myself because my schedule was just too packed.

Therefore, I decided the best thing to do would be to bring you my friend Phil here, who tried the program himself and has tested it completely from A to Z.

I asked him to make a detailed review and a video where he shares his thoughts and experience with the program – and so he did.

So without further ado… Phil, the stage is yours.

Watch This Video Of Phil Reviewing The Program

Perfecting their vertical jump is what’s brought athletes like Jordan and Lebron to greatness, helping them earn a lot of respect for themselves and build their legacy.

In basketball, the ability to jump high is a must-requirement for just about anything – whether it’s going for a layup, blocking a shot, grabbing a rebound, and of course – dunking.

For me, it used to be that my vertical was my Achilles heel – my biggest weakness point on the court – and it was destroying my game.

My vertical was so lame that I just didn’t think there was much I could do about it.

And so, I chose to focus on other areas of my game and gave up my dream of dunking all-together.

I hoped that impressing people with my three-pointers and hit ratios would be enough to draw attention away from me being SUCK at jumping.

Yep, I pretty much sucked!

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that my game needed to be well-rounded, and that I have to be able to play more ways.

Sure, every good player has his own special strengths and talents, but there’s something to be said for mastering the fundamentals. I might not be able to slam the ball like Blake Griffin, but I still needed a chance when playing under the rim.

So I set out to find a solution.

Strength shoes… Yeah right!

I trained hard by following any and all advice I could find.

I tried all sorts of gimmicks such as Jumpsoles/Strength Shoes, and used a lot of different programs such as Air Alert and whatnot.

But it just didn’t work. I was getting nowhere.

And though some of the programs I did were OK, I wouldn’t consider them to be a success.

I made very little progress with these program, 4-5 inches tops, nothing more. And these inches usually disappeared after I changed my training regime or stopped using that program.

This was the case for many years – a cycle of attempt and failure that had me going around in circles…

… until I finally had a breakthrough.

What was that breakthrough?

I found out about Vert Shock and started using its principals.

What Exactly Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is a new vertical jump training system developed by Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington. It’s a three-phase step-by-step program that was made specifically to help athletes increase their vertical jump and become more explosive.

Vert Shock

The program guarantees to increase your vertical by 9-15 inches within the course of just 8 weeks and have you dunking in no-time.

It’s a pretty bold statement, and if you know me, you know I don’t believe in fairy tales or magic solutions.

Nevertheless, I was curious to try this program because the guys who created it – Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ – are pretty legit and reputable, and their name is attached to this program, so they wouldn’t waste their time or risk their name with a scammy low-quality product.

Plus, the program seemed to be working for so many people with a lower vertical than mine, so I thought to myself – if they can do it, so could I.

Who Is Adam Folker?

Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant

Adam Folker is the guy who created Vert Shock.

Already in high-school, Adam made a name for himself when he was selected as one of the Top 5 high-school basketball players in Canada.

After that, he played Division-I basketball in the NCAA for UC Irvine, and now he’s playing professional basketball overseas.

But Adam wasn’t always a great athlete.

He actually confessed that in his early years he could barely touch the rim (a lot like me), and was nothing special as an athlete.

This is quite a statement for someone who played Center at UC Irvine (one of the biggest basketball franchises in the NCAA) and has trained with NBA players.


When I heard about him and his Folker System program, I knew anything he’d have to say about jumping would at least prove to be useful for me.

Who Is Justin ‘Jus Fly’?

Seriously… if you don’t know who Jus Fly is and you’re a passionate jumper, you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years.

Justin Darlington aka ‘Jus Fly’ is one of the world’s BEST dunkers.

It’s estimated that his vertical is 53 inches high (!), and he has used these 53 inches of air-time to build a name for himself by showcasing his talent all over the world, winning some huge dunk contests, including the Nike Dunk Contest with Lebron and Anthony Davis.

Justin ‘Jus Fly’ winning the Nike Dunk Contest With LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The guy is so good that a few teams in the NBA actually hired him to come and train their athletes.

A famous example would be DeMar DeRozan from the Raptors, who was trained for the NBA Dunk Contest by no less than Jus Fly himself.

All this is proof enough to show you that the guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

Over the years Jus Fly has developed some really unique strategies and techniques that helped him increase his vertical up to 53 inches and established him as one of the top dunkers on the planet.

Jus Fly has played a huge role in the building of this program due to his large knowledge and vast experience.

He shares a lot of his methods and routines inside Vert Shock.

How Does Vert Shock Work?

Vert Shock works by using very specific high-intensity, high-impact workouts which target your nervous system, particularly the nerves in your legs. It uses advanced plyometrics and exercises that focus strategically on your Type-2 Fibers, these are your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

The idea behind this method is simple – The faster your muscles will fire, the more force you’ll be able to generate, and the higher your jump will be.

Here’s a video that explains in more detail how the program works:

Three-Phase System

Vert Shock is designed as an 8-week training program and is broken down into three different phases: Pre-Shock, Shock and Post-Shock.

Let’s break each of them down one by one.

1. Pre-Shock

This is the first phase of the program. It lasts only one week, and it’s designed to get your body up and ready for the main portion of the training, the Shock Phase.

It’s basically a pre-conditioning period where you ‘warm up’ your body and prepare it for the “beating” it’s about to take.

Pre-Shock Phase preview

Already in this phase I gained 2 inches and felt the improvement.

I’ve seen even people who gained 5 inches during this phase, but these are rare cases to be honest.

Typically, most guys gain about 1-3 inches during this week.

On to the second phase…

2. Shock Phase

Coming up next is the Shock Phase.

This is where the real action begins. It’s where the “shocking” of your muscles actually takes place. And it’s also where I made most of my progress.

The Shock Phase lasts for 6 full weeks, and it’s in this phase where your body is constantly put under pressure, and your muscles are constantly stimulated to behave differently.

The goal here is to get your muscles to react super-fast and create that lightning-quick reflex that launches you above the rim.

The members area – All the phases and exercises are beautifully laid out.

This phase was initially pretty easy for me. But as I made progress through the program, it got harder and harder to the point my muscles were sore often and I was fighting fatigue to get to the end of it.

However, it was very much worth it – I gained 7 inches from it!

And it’s in this stage where I finally got my first dunk. (#YEAHHH!!!)

3. Post Shock

Finally, there’s the Post-Shock phase, which is the last week of the program.

This is where you seal off your newly obtained gains and make your muscles accustomed to the fast neurological response.

I hardly gained anything in this week, but it didn’t bother me at all. I was happy to finally slow it down and allow myself to take it easy after six straight weeks of hardcore training.

My Results With The Program

Overall I can’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten from Vert Shock – I managed to gain 10 inches and finally, FINALLY, achieve my goal of dunking.

For me, that’s absolutely INSANE.

We did it baby!

Nothing I tried in the past has worked for me so well. NOTHING.

Even Jesse (who finally took the time to try VS himself) has now come to agree with me that Vert Shock is easily one of the BEST vertical jump programs right now.

For me, nothing comes close to it in terms of effectiveness and value-for-money – It’s the cure I had been waiting for all that time.

And now, after two months down the road, I can finally say that I no longer have to rely only on my jump-shot. My game has changed – it is much more rounded now, and people are definitely starting to take notice.

Opponents that once thought they had me all figured out, now don’t know what to do about me. They can’t seem to handle the fact that I’m blocking their shots and stealing all their rebounds.

I’ve managed to overcome my GREATEST limitation in the game, and it’s all from doing this 8-week program. Not bad, eh?

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, I know I’m far from being inducted into the hall of fame, but I’m EXTREMELY happy that I finally found something that works.

Here are my results with the program after only three months:


I gained 5.5 more inches after doing Vert Shock the SECOND time.

After seeing such a huge success with Vert Shock the first time, I started asking myself:

What would happen if I did this program a second time?

So I took two weeks off, gave myself some time to recover, and restarted the program right from the beginning.

My goal was simple – reach a 40 inch vertical!

restarted-the-workoutsI went through the entire 8 weeks just as before and did everything EXACTLY the same.

The only thing I changed was adding the Jump Like Justin Workout which helped me go harder and more intense with the workouts.

Other than that, it was pretty much all the same.

But the result, to be honest, was a little bit disappointing…

I thought I would get at least another 7-9 inches.

But as you can see, I only added 5.5, which is half of what I gained the first time doing the program.

Nonetheless, I am very happy with what I got because it was just enough for me to complete my mission and reach my goal of achieving a 40-inch vertical.

After doing Vert Shock the second time, I finished with a 40.7″ vertical.

That, my friends, is the result of PURE hard-work and dedication for 4.5 months straight.

Here’s a graph showing my progress each week as I went through the program. I’ve updated this graph to include the second time too.

My Vertical Jump Height Week-by-Week

Pretty amazing, huh?!

This is what you get when you train hard and you train the right way.

What I Liked About The Program

  • No weight-lifting, no gym, and no equipment required – Everything is based on bodyweight and plyometric exercises that are proven to work for increasing your vertical leap.
  • Safe for teenagersWill NOT stunt your growth!
  • Cuts down training times – The program is highly efficient in producing fast results by laser -targeting your fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Easy to understand and implement – the instructions are very easy to follow and there’s guidance for every step of the way.
  • Keeps you safe from injuries and overtrainingVERY IMPORTANT once you start jumping high!
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.
  • Provides ongoing support – Adam himself answers all of your questions and offers personal help and advice. There are also weekly email check-ins to make sure you stay motivated and that you keep pushing forward towards your goal.
  • Has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – The program GUARANTEES your success with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not getting results, you get your money back. Period.

What I Didn’t Like

  • before-and-afterRequires internet connection – the program is only accessible through the net, so you need to either have a WiFi/data-connection or go through the materials at home before you leave for your workout.
    The workout sheets and the printable materials however, can be downloaded to your phone/computer.
  • On some browsers, the videos were not loading or loaded a bit slowly. Switching to another browser seems to have solved the problem for me.
  • Very fatiguing for the legs, especially towards the end of the Shock Phase.
  • Lots of cross-promotion on the site to other products.
  • Not a lot of information and knowledge about the science of vertical jumping.

    If you’re looking to learn the know-how of jumping and dive deep into the scientific research, you’ll have to do that on your own, as the program does not explain much of the physics behind its training.

    But hey…

    If it works, it works!

Will This System Work For You?

There’s only one main reason why Vert Shock might not work for you…

That’s the fact that it’s not some sort of a magical cure.

While some may chase their dream of a higher vertical by going for special shoes and gimmicks, the truth is, being able to jump high is something that requires a lot of training and effort.

Vert Shock is a program that requires you to be fully committed for 8 weeks.


If you really wanna see results, there’s simply no other way. You have to follow the instructions as-is, and you CAN’T slack off.

However, if you do everything as it says and truly put your whole self into it, the reward is just priceless, and you’re guaranteed to get the trophy.

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines

No lifting required

Vert Shock was designed specifically to be a program that does not require you to have any equipment or having to go to the gym.


It’s based almost entirely on the principals of plyometric training and improving the connection between your central nervous system and your muscles’ motor units, so there’s hardly any weight-lifting involved.

Basically what the program does is, it forces you to utilize better the strength you already have, rather than trying to gain new strength.

This is also what makes Vert Shock so unique and causes it to stand out from all the other vertical leap training programs (BoingVert Animal does this as well, although much less effectively).

A lot of people don’t have access to a gym or don’t want to start lifting weights. To them, Vert Shock is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, there are some people who ARE looking to include weight-lifting in their routine.

They understand the potential it has on increasing their vertical jump, and they want to extract every bit of inch from their training as possible.

For them, Adam has created the Complex Training Routines.

The Complex Training Routines is basically a separate module comprised of weight-lifting workouts for your prime movers, these are your quads and posterior-chain muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves).

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines – increases your strength

One thing to note… these workouts are not your average standard weight-training that you see everyone else is doing.

These are highly specific jump oriented workouts, and there’s a reason why they’re called complex.

They’re built more like super-sets mixed in with some plyometrics, to ensure that every ounce of muscle you add gets automatically converted into explosive strength.

The Complex Training Routines is just two workouts a week and they take around 45 minutes to complete.

My recommendation is this…

If you have access to a gym, and you have the time to do it, definitely include these workouts in your routine.


Strength training is a big part of being able to jump higher, and it’s something that was proven time and time again to affect jumping height.

Thincpro Jump Like Justin Workout

Edit: I had to add a section about this workout since so many people were asking me about it. And considering the results it gave me, it’s well deserved to be mentioned here.

The Jump Like Justin Workout is something I missed out on the first time when doing Vert Shock.

As you all know, I did the program twice.

But in the second time, I did something different.

I combined the program with the Jump Like Justin Workout.

What effect did that have on my vertical?

Simple. I gained more inches.

Justin’s workout is what’s responsible for me adding an additional 5.5 inches to my vertical during the second time of doing Vert Shock.

This workout is all about technique and minimizing mistakes. It helps you perfect your form to a level of top performance athletes like Westbrook and Lebron.

The best thing is, this workout integrates perfectly with Vert Shock – it only takes about 10-20 minutes, and it really helps you get the max out of each session.

I felt that every time I did Justin’s workout, it helped me get to the improvement zone faster and more easily.

Vert Shock + Jump Like Justin = More Inches

My only regret is that I didn’t take this workout the first time – it would have saved me a lot of time and maybe the need of re-doing the program.

Therefore, if you’re going to do Vert Shock, I definitely recommend that you combine it with the Jump Like Justin workout. You will get much faster results with it due to its highly synergistic effect with the program.

Free PDF Download (eBook)


This is something I’ve discovered only recently, but as it turns out the guys over at thincpro have decided to put out a FREE pdf eBook with some really great tips on how to increase your vertical jump.

This FREE pdf contains 4 Pro Hacks used by NBA & NFL players, and it can help you go out there TODAY and increase up to 4 inches on your vertical without spending a penny.

They used to sell this guide for $17, but then all of a sudden they decided to open it up for everyone.

So now, the file is available to anyone for FREE and can be downloaded from their website.

I’m not sure how long they’ll keep giving this away, as this is strictly inside info.

But hey…

As long as it’s up there and they haven’t taken it down, you might as well go and grab it.


When it comes down to it, if you really want to jump higher, Vert Shock is one of the BEST systems on earth to do so.

Whether you’re just starting out or somewhere in-between, or whether you’re an advanced athlete or someone who likes to play hoops in his driveway – this program will help you jump higher and become explosive.

As you can see from my results, this program has really taken my game to a whole new level, and I’m pretty confident it can do the same for YOU.

So if you’re still struggling to increase your vertical, and so far all your efforts came up short, my recommendation is that you put Vert Shock to the test and at least give it a try.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you can become a good jumper when training the right way, and you’ll finally be on your way to making that dream of dunking into a reality.


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    • Hey Jerry, the results you see on my video are actually a bit old. I’m actually jumping 3 inches higher now… but indeed it took 9 weeks which is insanely fast no matter how you look at it.

      • Does your vertical stay that high or do you have to repeatedly do the workout? And does it work for female volleyball players?

        • It works for everyone, males and female alike, regardless of if you’re playing basketball of volleyball. And generally you get to keep the inches that you gain, it goes without saying however that you need to maintain a certain level of activity and you can’t stop training all at once and expect your vertical will stay the same, but in general the results stick and I still haven’t lost my killer 40 inch dunk.

      • I have a 43 inch vertical and I can throw down some pretty monstrous dunks already, but I’m not satisfied even though I can already jump high. will I still see big gains?

        • Hard to say man, I’ve never tested the program that far. I’m now at 40 and I’ve done the program twice. Maybe if I’ll do it the third time…?! who knows, best way to find out is to try.

      • I’m finally 100% healthy and gonna start again monday… I’m gonna throw in 1-2 leg days a week with it. I can get my fingers 2 inches above the rim, I’m 6’3 do you think at the end of the program I will be flying?

        • Hey Mike sure,
          The complex training routines is basically an addition to the program itself once you finish the 8 weeks. It’s a mixture of weight lifting coupled with plyometrics so you can gain strength and speed at the same time.

          For instance, you do a set of deadlifts and immediately after you follow it with a set of high box jumps. What you’re doing there is you’re teaching your muscles to react very fast by concentrating your efforts on the fast twitch muscle fibers.

          It has been shown that these fibers are very effective for increasing your capacity to jump higher and they’re one of, if not, the biggest contributors for creating speed and power.

          My recommendation is if you have access to a weight room, this is an overall great addition to the program.

          • It could, but I wouldn’t consider it as my first option if I were you.
            TBH I don’t think it’s a good fit for you as there’s a lot of high impact jumping and it might be too much for someone your age.
            So unless you’re already used to high intensity training, I would say stay away from it.

            You could look at The Jump Manual as an alternative, it’s slower but it’s considered safer.
            Jesse made a post about it here.

  1. I’m 5’10” and I can grab the rim with one hand when coming off the run.
    If I buy this program will I be able to dunk?
    My goal is not just to dunk, I want to dunk in games too.

    • I’ve seen guys even at 5’7″ who can dunk so it’s definitely possible.
      BTW height is not everything, if you have a long wingspan you can be a deadly dunker.
      Take Rondo for example, the guy is only 6’1″ but he has a wingspan of 6’9″…that easily makes him dangerous near the rim and that’s why he manages to squeeze so many layups over big defenders.

      • Hey man, really impressive video! thanks a lot for your take on this program, really appreaciate it. I am 6ft4 105 kilos. If I stand still below the basket, then just jump using both legs I can grab the rim pretty easily. However when I run and try and dunk (one leg jumper) I feel like im missing just a little bit. I can squeeze a few dunks here and there but most of the time I come up short. I started basketball 4 weeks ago, so what do you think?

        • Hey Fernand, it doesn’t matter whether you started basketball 4 weeks ago or been playing for years, this program is for anyone who wants to jump higher fast, even volleyball/other sports players can use it. At your height you’ll be able to dunk easily in no time.

  2. Hey man, nice finish.
    few questions:
    1) how much weight do you lift when squatting?
    2) did you take any supplements?
    3) what’s your standing vertical?

    • Thanks, as for you questions:
      1) I actually don’t lift that much and ’cause the program doesn’t require you to do so, right now I’m at 165 lbs.
      2) Yes, whey protein and some BCAA but this was even before I started using the program.
      3) Right now it’s about 35 inches.

  3. I plan on starting this program next week.
    I’m already lifting weights 3 times a week so what do you think, will I have to change my routine for the program?
    I’m on A/B routine so on some weeks I hit my lower body twice, can I recover in time for the workouts?

    • I was also lifting weights prior to doing this program and I hoped I could just stack the workouts.
      It was all fine on the Pre-Shock phase but when I got to the Shock phase I had to do some adjustments, I’ve consulted with Adam about it and he helped me make a customized plan for it, but I had to dial down the weights because the focus was now more towards increasing my vertical than gaining muscle.

  4. Oh my, I’m starting to get jealous…look at all the attention you get my friend!
    Are you trying to take my title with these sick results :)

  5. I’m 13 years old and Im in 7 th grade and I want to be able to dunk in 8 th grade if I use this program will I be able to dunk

    • That means you’ll need about 10-12 inches more in order to dunk and that’s definitely doable with this program.
      Plus, you’re only 13 so you’ll probably grow taller by that time.

  6. Hey Phil!

    I’m currently playing relatively competitive basketball, can I do the Folker training system at the same time as my normal strength training+basketball trainings or will it leave me too fatigued/hinder my training?

    • I did the same thing but it was a bit over the top for my body to handle everything at once, Plus I have a day job from 9 to 5 so I couldn’t incorporate all these routines and had to dial down the basketball and strength part.
      If I had more time I would go for combining everything but my main focus was to increase my vertical so I was ready to put off the other stuff.
      How old are you anyway?

      • I’m 17 atm, so entering my Senior year :)

        Current basketball standard is equivalent to lower level AAU (i’m playing in Australia)

        • If that’s the case then I would definitely try to mix it in. But watch your gains, I suspect that at some point you’ll have to make some alternations once you reach a certain threshold but I would definitely do the routine normally and see where it takes me.

  7. Guys, just updated the post with some new details.

    After hitting a small plateau at 35 inches I decided to take the personal training with Adam and he gave me a few really advanced tweaks to the routine that in just 2 months I added an additional 5 inches to my vertical, I could not believe it.

    Big shout out to Adam for helping me make the change and guiding me through the way, Thanks Adam.

    I can’t say anything bad about Vert Shock, it’s a wonderful program and it’s helped me make fast gains, but after receiving the personal training I feel that it has taken me over the edge on a few aspects and that overall it’s worth investing the additional dollars, the results speak for themselves.

    Thanks everyone!
    Adam you’re the man!!!

    • Yes, a gym is always a good option to have but the great thing about this program is that you can train anywhere with it…I did a lot my training with just a bench in the park on grass surfaces and those were some of my best sessions.

    • After the pre shock phase I gained 2 inches, but after 1 month of training I gained 6.5 inches which was a lot more than what I expected, and that’s just from working out 5 days a week.

  8. As someone who wants to increase his explosiveness as well and calves size I’m thinking of following this program.

    I’ve read that calves aren’t that important for jumping power, but then again, it seems like most people who jump well have well developed calves. Any additional information on this would be appreciated.

  9. Hey Phil, so I’m 5’8 freshmen with a standing vertical of 18 inches and can touch back bored and sometimes rim, and I’m just starting the program and train for next year basketball season and wanted to know if you think I may dunk after this program and what did you mean you kept getting results as you kept using the program after the eight weeks, how would that work?

    • Hey Kenneth, yes I did keep progressing after the 8 weeks period because I repeated the program. The good thing about vert shock is that it doesn’t exhaust itself after the 8 weeks period and you can still keep doin’ it if you haven’t reached your goal.
      You’re a freshman and you say you’re already touching the rim at 5’8″, that means you need about 8 inches more in order to dunk so I think you won’t have a problem gaining that considering that you already have good standing vertical.
      Keep in mind that your body is also growing and you might end up eventually over 6 feet, that gives you more leverage and increases your chance to dunk even further.

  10. Hey Phil, Good look out on these legit programs! So i have a couple questions. 1) I have the worst ankles in the world… this includes both been broken/fractured and a series longer than the friends seasons of horrific sprains after sprains. Would one of these two programs put my ankle in great danger?? 2) which program would you recommend the jump manual or vert shock as for which program is easier on the ankles? I would honestly buy as these both look very legit and not a scam like other stuff that I did, but i don’t have the money right now. Thank you.

    • Hey David in your case and due to already problematic ankles I’d go with the jump manual because it’s more progressive and conservative in terms of injury prevention.
      I haven’t tried it but Jesse did both and he published a post comparing the two, I suggest you check it out.
      What I can tell you is that in order to do vert shock you need to be in good form and physically fit because if you’re suffering from repeated injuries, even if it’s on a low grade, this program might aggravate it for you…so you need to take a gradual approach and take your time with it. Vert is basically as it sounds, a shock to the body in order to get lightning quick results and it may not fit in your case so I think I’d go with the jump manual if I were you.

  11. I have just got it does it help both 1 foot and two foot because I can touch the ring off two foot easy but not really off one foot

  12. Hey Phil I’m a 5’8 freshman and right now I’m on the first week of the shock phase and I can touch rim right now I was curious if their is a good chance I will be able to grab it with 2 hands by the end of the program plus I have 3-4 inches to grow

    • Yes, once you’re able to dunk the ball with one hand it becomes quite easy to grab the rim with both hands. Plus you have a few more years to grow and your arm span will grow too.

  13. Phil, I am 5’10” and can grab the rim pretty well jumping off one foot, but struggle much more jumping off two feet. I actually bought the jump manual in the past but found it extremely difficult to do that plus my normal lifting. Would you suggest giving that another try or trying this vert shock program out?


    • Also, I need to add that I can dunk a tennis ball, just not an actual basketball. How many more inches do you think I’ll need?

      • Well with the jump manual you’re very limited with mixing in other workouts you might have, more-so on the lifting part. Vertshock is a different animal tough and you can easily keep doin’ your normal weight training without it interfering with the jump training. If you can dunk a tennis ball on a 10 foot rim then you’re only 4-5 inches away from dunking a size 7 ball so give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
        Good luck!

        • Hey man I ended up downloading the program. Since you have done it, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. When are the days that I am supposed to rest? For example, it says day 1, day 2, day 3, etc but I am not sure when I am supposed to rest or if I am supposed to do the exercises every other day. Sorry if this is an obvious answer but for some reason I’m not sure on the process.


  14. hey Phil, Im 19 5’11 and im an inch or 2 away from touching rim. How effective do you think this program will be for me? Will I be able to dunk every time I have an open lane?

    • At 5’11” it’s definitely possible if you’re gaining enough speed and your using your momentum when coming off the run.

  15. Hey there, I’m about 5’8″ with a standing reach of 7′. Its been about two years since I have touched the rim, and I have put on a decent amount of muscle since then,I am about 3-5 inches below the rim right now. With this program do you believe that I could possible get back to where I was? I have always wanted to dunk it, but I know that is unlikely at the moment

      • Hey Colton someone above you asked a similar question but anyway the answer is that you can still keep doing your current strength routine and it won’t collide with the program.
        As for the running if this is done at a fairly moderate speed then I don’t see any problem with it. I myself kept playing basketball 2 times a week while doing the program simultaneously so there’s no harm in doing some low intensity cardio as long as you make sure you adjust your calories accordingly to recover.
        And considering that only 2 years have passed since you touched the rim those inches you lost are easily replicable and you’ll gain them pretty fast with the program.
        Good luck.

    • If you are 5ft 8 and your standing reach is 7 feet, then that means that your arms stop below your weist. Not only do most 5ft 8 guys have a 7ft 5 reach minimum, but being able to touch the rim at a 7ft standing reach would require a 36 inch vertical.
      If you have an 8ft standing reach and it’s a typo, than it will be very easy for you to dunk

    • There’s no doubt about that. When you’re whole hand gets above the rim you’re only a hair’s breadth away from dunking.

  16. Sorry if this is posting twice, but I don’t see my comment anywhere. I bought the vert shock program, but am confused on the rest and things like that. For example, in the pre-shock phase it just says (Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7). Am I supposed to do those workouts seven straight days or rest in between? Thanks in advance for clearing this up!

    • Hi Jared, no, you’re not supposed to train every day. for instance notice that in the pre-shock phase there’s a recovery day (day 4) and the rest of the days are work days.
      Plz look at the workout charts and whenever you have a recovery day you’ll see that it mentions “recovery” and on the exercise chart it will show up empty.

      • Hey Phil
        Can you use ankle weights while doing the vert shock and sometimes I feel that some weeks, I don’t see any improvements to my jumping, and is that normal?

        • I’ve never used them and I would prefer not to use them as there’s a lot of research suggesting that they can damage your knees.
          If you really want to increase the resistance you could try weighted vests.

  17. Im able of touching the rim, how far im from dunking?
    If you work out the programm 7 days a week, results would be bigger and faster?

    • Just like I answered the dude above you, you’re not supposed to workout 7 days a week, otherwise you might tip into over-training and that’s counterproductive.
      As far as how many inches you need, usually the difference between touching the rim and dunking is 7-9 inches.

  18. I was wondering if i could gain inches im 16 6.1 and weigh 210 pounds so do i have to lose weight in order to do the program and gain inches to my verticle?

    • Hey Giovanny, you’re only 16 and your metabolism should be healthy.
      If you mix this program with some cardio you should be gaining inches and losing weight simultaneously.
      Also the program demands some diet changes that are bound to help you lose pounds.
      If you don’t have problems with your knees your good to go.

  19. I can grab rim with two hands right now. Will I be able to two-step in the paint and dunk with two hands when done with this program. I’m 6’5 and 175 pounds.

    • I’m 6’2 and even after I was dunking I kept doing the program, I would take this program without hesitation.

        • Not really, it usually takes under an hour for me to complete a workout and I’m usually good to go after a 2 hour rest and a meal.

      • hey , i saw your review and you talked about the jump like justin workout, i bought the program but i didn’t found this workout. Please, if you can send it to me, i will never forget your goodness.
        God bless you :)

    • Yes, you can still be active and play basketball but you have to be wise about it and limit it as well as space it from your workouts. The workouts are usually about an hour long.

  20. Hey Phil, I’m 14 and 5ft 9 and I’m around less than half an inch from the rim from a running start and around 2 inches away from a standing start. If I take this program how quickly do you think i’ll be able to touch the rim.

  21. Hey, I’m in 8th grade, about 5’2 and not the most explosive player. I can touch net but not back board. I’m really looking to increase my vertical but I don’t want to pay for something that will turn out to be scam. Do u think I might be able to touch rim if I try the vert shock program?


    • No you don’t need a laptop, you can access it from your mobile too, and there’s also an app thincpro created.

  22. Hey Phil, I’m 6’4″ and only 16 years old. I can get enough air to flush it with one hand fairly consistently. If I get this program, how much dunking do you think I’d be able to do in games?

  23. Hi Phil

    I like to work out heavy some weeks. Will this affect my heavy workouts? When I say heavy workouts I mean Maxing out in bench press, lifting above the weight I can usually lift on average. Chances of fatigue?

    • Hey Ethan, it won’t as long as you structure your workouts to be spaced from the jump training or do them on your off days then you should be fine.

  24. Hey phil. I’m 16 and 6ft and i can touch the backboard easily but can’t touch rim. If i do this program do you think i would be able to dunk?

  25. I’m roughly 6’0″-6’1″ in shoes and can get almost my whole hand over the rim jumping off two feet on a good day, but can only grab rim off of one foot. I’m about 3 weeks into the program and have seen flashes of getting a bit higher but not really anything else. My legs are not sore but I don’t usually have much energy in them anymore. What did you experience as far as week by week progress and what should I expect?

    • I experienced the same thing John.
      Midway through the shock phase I was feeling that I just don’t have that “Umph” in my legs, even though I didn’t have any soreness of any kind.
      What helped solved it for me was mainly more rest, little changes in my diet and more preparation pre-workouts (stretching etc..).
      I was a bit discouraged but I kept goin’ through the program and eventually I busted through the plateau and got over it, it’s like my body “absorbed” the shock at some point and moved on to the next level.

      If you have the personal coaching package I’d suggest you consult with Adam, I had many little hurdles like that and he always helped me to find ways around it.

  26. I was on week six of vertshock but my AAU basketball season started so I had to stop because my legs were getting to tired with the workouts and practices. So right now I’m 5’9 and can easily touch backboard and 3 weeks ago I fully grabbed rim for the first time but now I can’t seem to grab it only touch it do you think it’s because I stopped or because my body is just too tired. Lastly are their any other workouts that you recommend to insure that I can consistently grab rim because I really want to be able to dunk by the end of this summer before sophomore year in Highschool, Thanks.

    • Yes, I’ve seen cases where people stopped before completing the course all the way through and they kinda “lost” a few inches, but if they return to where they left they’d gain those inches quickly.

      I would recommend you to talk to Adam and see how you can tweak the program to fit your schedule. It’s very much possible to mix it with other routines but if you stop – the longer you take a brake the harder it’ll be to recoup those inches.

      Therefore I would recommend you to see how can integrate the program with your current AAU practices, it might take gearing down the jump training and maybe move on a lower pace but at least you’ll still make progress.

      Hope that helps.

  27. Hey, Phil. Thanks for the videos very helpful. I’m 5’11 and I can get 1/4 of my right hand on the ring, do you think I will be able to dunk after doing this prrogram

  28. Hey Phil I can touch the rim of the hoop and I am 6 feet 1 inch 15 years old my vertical is currently 25 inches if I do the verttshock program after that use the jump manual will I be able to have a 40 inch vertical by the time my basketball season starts which is in December? Thanks

    • You have more than enough time until the season starts and you might even get to 40 without the need to follow through with another program. When I finished the 8 weeks I was at 35″ so I kept doing it for 2 more months and got to 40″.
      I’m now considering doing jumpmanual and see if I can squeeze a few more inches out of it, but I’d say start with vertshock because it’s more easy and gives insanely fast results.

  29. Hi, I’m around 5ft 9 and just finished my freshman year. I think I’m about 5 inches from touching the rim, since I can hit it using a ball. With very shock, could I dunk by next year? What does it help, other than verticle, because I heard it helps overall speed and athleticism as well. What’s your standing verticle and reach? Could you dunk at the end of this program without a run up? How about now, can you dunk without running? Thanks!

    • You’ll probably be able to dunk long before that, and yes you heard right, it helps your overall speed and athleticism because it enhances your type-2 muscle fibers on your legs.
      Currently my standing vertical is 35″ but my running vertical is almost 40″, was able to dunk after one month and now I can dunk flatfooted.

  30. Hi Phil, I was wondering what your starting vertical was and your ending was? Or how vertical on the approach on one foot to the hoop before and after. Thanks.

  31. Hey Phil I’m in 7th grade and I can touch the shock box under the rim. How many inches do I need to be able to dunk by 8th grade season? Will I get a dunk off by then with the program?

    • You probably need no more than 2 inches to touch the rim and then another 8 for dunking. More than likely that you can gain that by next season.

    • Generally it’s ok but there’s a threshold and you won’t be able to do it all the time. As you progress and it gets more intense you’ll have to limit your playing in order to recover.

  32. I’m 19 and 5ft 8 and I’m around less than 1/2 an inch from the rim from a running start and around two inches away from a standing start.
    How soon will I be able to touch the rim with this program?

  33. Yo Jesse I’m 17 (haven’t grown at all for the past 2+ years) 5″6 and about two inches from touching the rim with a running start. I suffer from the inability to motivate and discipline myself to follow a routine closely although I have improved over the past year. Is the Vert Shock program an extremely intense program that will require a lot of effort? If it is, do you have any specific tips that helped motivate you while you were going through the training?
    Suppose I followed the program closely, in how long would I be dunking with one and then two hands?

    • Hey Michael, I totally get you man..motivation is one area where I was really grinding through and it’s a really tough one…
      For me what helped me most is 2 things:
      1) Seeing results
      2) Immersing myself into circles/groups/forums that are all about vertical jumping and dunking.

      The results is the best motivation for me because as I saw progress I was even more pumped to continue and up my game even further…but it can also be a double edged sword because as you know time catches onto to ever one of us and after a while, once I got to a certain level (roughly the 35 inch mark), it was becoming increasingly hard to squeeze those inches out and I had to work seriously hard for every inch.

      That’s when immersion kicked in, I started spending some time every day in the forum of the program I was doing.. if it’s talking to other members, seeing their success stories, taking the personal coaching, being in contact with the coach and generally just surrounding myself with people who have the same interest as me.

      Think about it, these training courses are hard enough as it is and when you’re all alone doing everything by yourself it’s super easy to lose that drive you had in the beginning. That’s why it’s very important to be part of a group which has the same goal and acts as your safety net when you fall so that whenever your motivation goes low you visit it and get your “mental recharge” boost that sets you back up.

      BTW, this program is great at overcoming both of these obstacles because:
      1) You’ll be getting amazingly fast results.
      2) The personal coaching is phenomenal and the guys there at the forums are cool too.

      No one can tell exactly how long it’ll take for you to reach your goal but if you wanna take a shot at dunking I think this program puts you at the best position to do that.

      Phew, that was long…hope that answers your question.

  34. Hey im 6ft and 70kg and can dunk a size 6 ball one handed but not quite a size seven, also with two hands I can only just touch the ring. if I did the program do you think I would be able to dunk two hands? thanks

  35. Hi im 34,5’6 tall,i can only touch the board, is it possible i can grabed the ring if i using this vertical shock…program..thnx..

    • If your goal is to grab the rim then yes, you can do it. Think of it this way, you’re like a 5’10 who’s aiming to dunk.

  36. Hey Phil and Jesse. I just finished my freshmen year in college and stand at 5’8″ and weigh about 147 pounds (although I’m working toward gaining a little more). My running two foot vertical is 32″. I don’t have any extraordinary wingspan and for this reason am just a couple inches away from touching rim. Dunking has always been the dream despite my size and I estimate that I would need about a 40 inch vertical to accomplish that. Do you think making those amount of gains is possible for me with this program? You mentioned in an earlier comment how it was hard to pump out each additional inch after you began to plateau and I’m worried I might be at the plateauing point.

    • Hey Andrew…Yep, squeezing out those extra inches once you hit a plateau is hard, almost threw the towel when trying to get to that 40 but luckily I had good guidance…
      But no doubt that it’s possible, I started with a lot lower vertical than yours (25″ running vertical) and only plateaued after gaining 10 inches. Sure you might plateau faster than me because you already have a good vertical, but I think the program will get you at least close to the 40 inch mark give or take a few inches.
      I’d say go for it, and if you see you’re still falling short in 2-3 inches then talk to adam and I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to bust through your plateau as he did with mine, the guy is very good at analyzing the problem and giving you a solution.

      • That’s great to hear Phil thanks for the quick response. I was looking through the website and couldn’t find any contact info the Adam. What did you use when you reached out to him?

  37. Did you do the program again after the 8 weeks and if you did how many inches did you gain total out of both times

    • Yeah I kept doing it, not entirely by the book but the core things were still there. I ended gaining 14.5 inches in total.

  38. I am around 5’11 in height and I can already hang on the rim (on a good day where I am pumped and warmed up). Otherwise in general I can at least slap or touch the rim in high successions without the need to warm up or with minimal warm-ups.

    My only concern is how often or how much do you have to use the gym to do the exercises in the program from all 3 phases. It’s just that if the exercises do require a gym then I have to sign up.

    • Hey Matt, there’s actually no need for a gym with this program. I personally did use a gym most of the time because that’s just my personal preference (I prefer training indoor with the AC), but some of my best workouts were actually at the park with no equipment whatsoever.

  39. Just wondering, can I use this program along with elite guard training? (Another basketball program), or will it hinder my results. I only have around 9 weeks to train, so I’m very short on time. Also, if I do take this program, will I be able to dunk by the end of summer? My standing reach in shoes is around 7ft 9, but I think it will be 7 ft 10+ at he end of summer. I can touch the shock box under the rim, but I’m not exactly a good jumper right now.what do you think my vertical will be if I finish this program? Also, what’s your standing reach and vertical reach? Can you get above the box on the backboard?

    • Yes you can, I know a friend who did Taylor Allan’s program while doing vertshock and he gained 10 inches on after the 8 weeks. According to what you say you should be about 6 feet in height, am I right? and if you can touch the shock box with a standing reach of 7’9″ then your vertical is probably around 25 inches, based on my calculations.
      I think you can definitely do it, you’ll need no more than 10 inches in order to dunk and that’s definitely doable within that timeframe.
      It’s been a while since I last checked my reach but I’m definitely up there near the end of the square.

      • I’m around 5ft 10 barefoot but my wingspan is around 6ft 2. I’d like to believe I’m still growing since I just turned 14. I have one more question. How strict is the scheduling of the workouts? I saw day 3 of the per shock phase, and I don’t think I can find a place with enough room to run 20 yards. Just wondering, what’s your standing reach (in shoes), and can you do a standing dunk (no momentum, off 2 legs). Also, kind of off topic, did Taylor Allens program help your friend?

        • Actually the sprints are very important, don’t skip this part. Just go to the nearest park or somewhere you can run comfortably in a straight line and do them.
          My standing reach is 8’2″ with shoes on, and the dunk you mentioned is actually the hardest for me, I can do it with only one hand for now.
          I haven’t tried Elite Guard Training but I only heard good things about it. I might actually do it soon once I get some more time available.

  40. I am 5’11″/6’ish and can get about 2 inches over the rim, but when I try to dunk a regular size basketball (I know I will not be able to) my vertical decreases to what seems like a lot. I have about a 29 inch vertical and I figured I would need around a 35-38 inch vertical to dunk, but with the ball that might only translate to a few inches above the rim. Do you think this program can get me over the hump?

    • The problem when jumping with a basketball is that you lose the hand swing motion that you get when jumping empty handed. This swing gives you a few extra inches and helps you transfer your momentum better, that’s why there’s a difference between with/without the ball. But don’t worry though, as there are other techniques in the program that you will learn which will help you compensate on that. I reckon that you’ll need no more than 10 inches to dunk with the ball on (probably even less).

      • Actually, I get that high without swinging my arms. That’s me just running towards the rim off 1 leg with one hand. I think another problem is palming the ball

        • Palming is only a problem if your hands are small, but you can also cup the ball from underneath. It does not affect your vertical whatsoever.

  41. Hi i’m wondering how to use whey protein with vertshock also does vertshock target only lower body muscles ? what about the core ?

    • The program is designed for jumping higher, so naturally is targets mostly the lower body. With the whey protein you should take it after your workouts.

      • For some reason I’m in my 5th week of vertshock doing shock phase,my legs are a little sore but for some reason I’m not jumping that high enough on my workout days or even recovery days when I do every single workout and everything correctly,my vertical increased but sometimes im not jumping high or being explosive a lot,is this part of the program?

        • Hey Joseph,
          I had that as well, on some days I wasn’t getting that “kick” on my legs and sometimes it just looked like I’m not jumping higher, but this is quite normal and it’s part of the process that everyone go through. Some days you’re gonna have really explosive jumps and some days it’ll be tepid, but when you step back and look at the whole picture, you’ll see that on a timeline perspective, you’re in a positive slope and you’re rising.
          Just stick to it and make sure you follow the nutrition plan exactly.

  42. If I am playing basketball and my body sore or loose or its my workout day or recovery day can I do the dynamic warmup stretching to get my muscles loose to play basketball?

    • Sure, why not, it’s always a good idea to do those exercises to loosen up the muscle fibers before you load on them.

  43. Hey Phil I have another quick question. I’m about to start week three of the program (week 2 of the shock phase). This past weekend I had a tournament and was not able to do the workouts on Saturday and Sunday and then took Monday off to recover from muscle soreness. I am assuming that a similar situation will happen once or twice more while I’m doing the program. Will those small chunks of time when I have to get off track from the workout hinder my gains?

    • Yes, every time you stray away from the original plan it delayes some of your gains, but if these are short brakes then it shouldn’t hinder you too long and you will still make those gains, it’s just goin’ to take longer.

  44. I’m 5’4″ and going into high school this fall, and I can barely touch the net. I have about 1.5-2′ left before touching rim, do you think I could do it before September?

  45. I got vert shock, but I can’t find the forum?
    Also, how much will this help me? Right now, I’m 5ft 10 and have around a 7ft 9 standing reach in shoes. I would like to expect this will grow to 7ft 11 ish. Right now, I can touch the rim of a 9ft 7 hoop, and occasionally I can my knuckles over it, meaning I’m about an inch away from touching the rim on a really good dunk. I’m in day 3 of the program
    How strict is the scheduling. As in, if I miss a day, can I just make it up by doing it again without a bad outcome?
    Also, how important are the push ups? I did them, but I couldn’t push off the ground very well

    And how has this helped your game, and your dunking ability. Can you do between the legs stuff now? Your vertical/height are comparable to people who can.

    • Hey Kanye, you should contact their support to get access to the forums, I recall I paid an extra for that but for what it’s worth I enjoyed it…
      As for the scheduling, it’s very tight with this program and it’s designed to get the fastest results possible, so you need to be consistent, but if you miss a day just make up for it by doing it the next day continuing from where you left.

      All the exercises are important, but if you’re fatigued and you feel like you’ll ran out of gas, put more emphasis on the legs exercises and lower the intensity on the upper body stuff.

      The program has helped my game immensely and I’m generally much more athletic now…darn I need to do another dunk video for you soon.

  46. How much should my vert increase from each phase?
    Right now my vert is around 24 inches. I’m 5ft 10.
    Also, do we have to do push-ups. I can’t actually complete one lol

    • It changes from one person to another, I gained most of my gains in the shock phase.
      Yes, there are pushups in the program, but that shouldn’t worry you too much.

  47. OK quick question

    I already have a pretty good vertical… I used to be one foot jumper but for some reasons I jump pretty hight with 2 feet now and don’t seem to get as high jumping with my left leg) still high but lost a few inches I believe, but need to improve my vertical out of the right leg(I really do).
    That being said, when you incorporated some strength exercises… How often a week did you do it? Did you do some squats? Lunges? What exactly?

  48. One last question

    In the pre shock or even shock phase there is this part that talks about Justin workout(optional) did you do it as well or you didn’t. And if so how long does it take per session(20, 30 more minutes ?)

  49. Hey Phil I am going to purchase the program and wanted to know if their was any easy mistakes I could make that you could divert me from

    • Yes, a lot of people cut corners in the core muscles exercises and prefer to focus only on their legs, but when it comes to vertical jumping, you have to have a strong core in order to jump high. Therefore, don’t overlook these exercises and do them fully.

  50. Hi phil, have you done the jump like Justin workout? I recall justin and Adam saying that vertshock was just the “tip of the iceberg” for the whole program.

    • Yeah, I did it the second time. I just replied to someone here about this same question, look for the comment.

  51. Not sure why My post was deleted

    When you followed the workout, did you do the thincpro like Justin workout optional or not?
    And if yes how many more minutes per session does it add

  52. I am on my 6th week of vertshock, last day of the 6th week for shock phase, which is a recovery day , my legs is sore but I felt that on recovery days I should jump higher, I went to a 10 foot rim and tried to grab it but my outcome was the same as before, I can only grab rim with 1 hand and I thought since I’m almost finished with the program I should at least be grabbing rim with 2 hands and I’m 6’1! Is this part of the program, will I be able to dunk after week 8 even though I can grab rim with one hand going into week 7? I’ve increased my vert and I do every work out correctly but is this part of the program and will I dunk after week 8?

  53. I’m on my 7th week of vertshok and can only grab rim with 1 hand and I do every workout correctly, is this part of the workout and will dunk after 8th week and I’m 6’1.

  54. I posted twice here within two weeks but I can’t find my post anywhere.
    I have few questions that could help me a lot
    When you guys did the program did you also do the Justin workout that’s listed as optional or you didn’t.. And if you did how many more minutes per workout does it take

    • Hey Joe, your comments were filtered because the system flagged it as spam from some reason, I’ve fixed it…

      Yes, I have done the Jump Like Justin workout when I restarted the program, I felt that I needed to take a step further and work more on my form, Justin’s workout is all about technique and it helped gain 3-4 more inches from vert shock.
      The workouts themselves take about 10-20 minutes and you can do them without them interfering with vert shock or hurting each other, in fact they have a synergistic effect and they complement each other. I definitely recommend it.

  55. will i have any gains that increased my vert after post shock phase itself since its my last week before the program?

  56. Where in the program can I find the dynamic warm up and cool down exercises or is it just our own exercises? If it is our own exercises, can you tell me what you did for them?

  57. If it took you 9 weeks to dunk and the program is 8 weeks,the extra week was counted as the one week break before you do vertshock again or you counted the extra week for the first week of pre shock phase when you did the program again?
    Because I recently finished vertshock 2 days ago and my legs are sore after post shock phase but I can barely dunk and I’m 6’1,I went To the park today and can grab rim easy off of vert pretty much with one hand and my legs are sore, do I have to wait until the week of resting is over to test my jumping to see If I can dunk because my legs is sore right now? Did this happen to you too? Please answer all my questions as soon as possible,I would love for the information because I really want to dunk.

    I don’t know why my comment keep getting deleted,Hope you see this

    • Hey Man, I really don’t know why but the system identifies your comments as spam, maybe you’re trying to post repeatedly with different names?! that could be the reason.

      Anyway I was dunking already in the shock phase, about 6 weeks into the training.
      As for the week off, I was actually instructed to take 2 weeks off, but since I felt ready after just one I did not wait.
      After finishing the program I had sores too, but it subsided really quickly for me, I was in vacation that week and slept like 10-11 hours every night eating lots of calories and good stuff, so I think that helped a lot.

      Once I went back to the training I redid the entire program, without skipping the pre shock phase…

      What you should do now is wait until the soreness is gone and you’re fully recovered (2 weeks usually), then take a reading of your vertical and see how many inches you need in order to dunk.
      If it’s 2-4 inches you’re pretty close and you just need to do a little more of the Shock-Phase, if it’s 6+ inches then you need redo the entire thing.

  58. Hello, I just turned 16 im 6’4 inches tall. I can barely dunk off one foot but not off 2 feet. Being tall, people expect me to dunk with ease. I can dunk but not at a consistent level. I have never done any vertical program so this will be my first vertical jump program. I wanna take my game to a whole different level. Will I see more gains b/c i have never done any vertical jump program or strength program? Also, does the program improve agility, and speed?

    • Hey Kole, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t done any jump program until now, actually you’re the perfect prospect for this program because you have a lot of untapped potential in you that haven’t been used, as opposed to someone who’s already well trained and can jump 40 inches high, so in terms of room to improve this actually works for you because you’re starting from ground level and therefore results will come faster for you.
      Vert Shock not only improves your jump but also quickness and speed.

      Good luck…

  59. hey man do you know if I could mixed up the recovery days cuz i have family plans during week 2 of shock phase?

    • Not sure if it’s still relevant but I think you can, it’s not something I would recommend but make sure you go back to the original schedule after that week, the more you steer away from the program the more chances something might go wrong.

  60. I can grab rim with 2 hands after 8 weeks of vertshock and im doing it again,will i be able to dunk if i do it again and will the results increase the same way they did for the first time of using vertshock,which week do u think i will be able to dunk with ease since i can grab rim with 2 hands with a running jump?

    And i started the program again yesterday after a one week rest,will i lose any gains if i didnt rest 2 weeks?

    Please answer this my comment keeps disappearing

    • Sorry for the late reply Nicholas, I was on vacation…anyway I see that you’ve re-started the program already. If you feel you’ve rested enough it’s ok to shorten that reset period. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to dunk after redoing it since:
      A) You’re 6’1″
      B) You can already grab the rim with 2 hands

      So this basically means you fall only 4-6 inches short from dunking, I’m confident you can get it this time because I myself gained additional 5 inches during the second time (from 33″ to 38″).

      My guess is that you’ll be able to complete your goal and dunk around week 4-5. Anyway don’t underestimate the power of vert shock to inject even more inches to your vertical, keep doing what you’re doing and go hard on the shock phase.

      Looking to hear your update on this.

  61. Hey Mr. Phil, I was just wondering, when did you start to see gains, and were you dunking before starting the program?

  62. Does it matter what time of day I do it, I started doing vertshock 6 o’clock in the morning when I wake up because I’m busy during the day, will this effect in anyway?
    And my legs is really sore, I can barely move them,is my vertical increasing since it’s really sore or its just damaging my body.

    • Hey Nicholas, yes it matters a lot…our body naturally heats up about 1 degree Celsius as the day progress and we reach the peak in the evening hours, around 5-7 o’clock, so I recommend that you train within that timeframe for best outcomes.

      As for the soreness, being constantly sore is not a good sign, that’s why it was recommended to take 2 weeks off as you finish the program the first time. Anyway try to move your workouts to the evening where your muscles are warmer and see if the sores still occur.

  63. Hi
    I’ve been using the program, and it was working really well for me until around week 3. At week 3 I could sort of touch the rim. I’m about to start week 6, and while I’m sure my legs are a lot stronger, I still can barely touch the rim, and can only get to it on a good jump. Is this normal?

  64. Hey I’m 17, 5’10, and I can touch rim on a good day. Will I be able to dunk with this program and how long will it take?

    • Pretty confident Mike, touching the rim at this stage with your height is already a positive signal and usually people like you end up dunking by the end of the 8 week program.

  65. I just purchased the program and I’m seeing different options. When you did the program did you just do the VertShock program or did you do the “jump like Justin” option as well?

  66. Hey Phil,
    I just finished day 5 of the pre-shock phase and am seeing incredible results.
    However, during the phases, the program seems to only suggest a rest day every 5-6 days or so. I have seen countless sites recommend having a rest day in between workouts to allow your muscles to fully recover before breaking them down again. Some input on this would be great.


    • That’s an excellent question Jacob, but as you can see vert shock works very differently than other programs. While most programs require you to rest every other day vert shock is built in a way that stimulates your type 2 fibers through a chain of events that shocks your nervous system yet still allows your muscles to recover in time for the next workout.

      Keep in mind that the whole point of the program is to get you explosive as fast as possible, that’s why there aren’t many recovery days throughout the phases, and even on the recovery days they still recommend doing the jump like justin workout as it enhances the pathways that are responsible for fast activation contraction.

      It seemed odd to me too when I first got the program because I was also very used to the idea of working out one day and then resting next day, but as you can see it doesn’t have to be like that and this program proves it.

  67. Just wondering what I should expect being 32 years old 5’11 and weighing 160. I work out pretty regularly and eat well. I play basketball on and off and can grab a little bit of the rim. If I dedicate myself at least 90% should I be able to easily dunk one handed with some authority after the 8 weeks?

  68. After I finish vertshock (my second time doing it) can I start doing weight legs workouts like squats and lunges,etc.and weight room. And I can do the maintenance program if I can schedule them and have enough rest. And if I do weightroom workouts like squats and lunges with weights and not do the maintenance program will my vertical decrease and I lose vertical in my legs?

    Am I allowed to do upper body weight room weight lifting workouts such as my arms, abs, etc. and other upper body workouts while doing vertshock and after vertshock?

    And if u did instant shock how many inches did u increased when doing the secrets and power hour challenge?

    • As long as your having enough rest and you’re spacing the workouts right then you should be fine.
      This also applies to the upper body training.

      I didn’t do instant shock, the combination of vert shock + jump like justin workout was enough to get me to 40 inches.

  69. Hello! I am considering buying this program, and it would be great if you could help answer some questions I have. I am 14 years old, 5’11” and weigh 125 pounds, but I can only touch around halfway up the net. Would the program be beneficial for someone my age, and would doing it twice have a good chance of getting me to the point where I could dunk? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Brock, thanks for the question.
      If you’ll notice most of the people here are about the same age and height as you are, that’s because the program is mostly dedicated for young athletes and it works best for people as yourself.
      You can do the program twice if you want more inches (that’s what I did actually), but if you want to cut through the chase and save time then consider combining vert shock with the jump like justin workout.

  70. Hi Phil, I was just wondering if I train my skills 4 times a week very Intensly and as well hit the weight room 4 times a week and scrimmage for 90 minutes 1 or twice a week will I get enouh recovery time while adding very shock or will things just become counter productive

    • With the schedule that you’ve given here it’s unlikely you’ll be able to go past the 35 inch barrier and you will plateau, I would suggest starting with the program and then adjust things as you go.

  71. Hey Phill My cousin and i are thinking about buying this program He is 5’7 and is around 3-4 inches away from touching the rim i am 6’2 and can touch the rim how many more inches do you think we will need

    • I can’t really know without knowing your standing reach but there are lots of 5’7 guys with long wingspans who can dunk better than 6’0 guys.
      Generally anyone above 6 feet is a good candidate for dunking.

  72. Hey, im 5,10. Play basketball because love the sport. my vertical right now is 22inch. i have small hands and cant palm the ball but if i buy this program and follow it properly; how long do you think will it take me to do a one hand dunk with authority? and im only 16

    • What’s up Mike,
      If you’ll practice the hand motion and the technique you’ll find that you don’t have to palm the ball in order to dunk. Don’t forget that your body is still growing and you have a few more years of growth left in you. Most people people about you height need a 30-35 inch vertical to dunk, in your case I think 8 inches would be enough to get you there.

  73. Hey, I’m in week 3 of the program and my mind and body feels like I can get up high enough to hang on the rim and sometimes dunk, but my body just doesn’t comply. Is it because my legs are dead? Did the same thing happen to you?

          • It all has to do with the quality of your recovery and your warmups. On the days I felt heavy no matter how hard I tried I still wouldn’t be able to hit my peak height, I just didn’t have that pop to my jump, but after a good rest process that included off day exercises, stretching, sufficient amount of calories and basically the whole 9 yards I would return to that springiness feeling where I could jump at my best. It’s crucial that you’ll get all of that down before testing your vertical otherwise the test wouldn’t reflect your gains.

  74. I am on my 6th week of vertshock,last day of the 6th week for shock phase,which is a recovery day,my legs are sore but I felt that on recovery days I should jump higher,I went to a 10 foot rim and tried to grab it but my results were the same as before,I can only grab rim with 1 hand and I thought since I’m almost finished with the program I should AtLeast be grabbing rim with 2 hands,is this part of the program,will I be able to dunk after week 8 even though I can grab rim with one hand Goin into week 7?

    • I was getting the same outcome when my legs were sore, you should test your vertical only when your legs are fresh and your body is fully recovered.

  75. Hey there. I’m 27, 6’0, 170 lbs and able to gram the rim with 1 hand now. I’ve been doing various vertical programs such as VJF from Taylor Allan, the first version of Jump Manual and Become a Freak. All of those other programs included a weight lifting portion. Do you think it is okay to stack the weight lifting section of either Become a Freak or VJF with VertShock? Which weight lifting regimen would you recommend for best gains? Thanks!

    • You can do a weight lifting routine but you have to be careful not to overdo it, the ideal sweet spot that goes with this program is 1-2 times a week. Stacking all of the programs you’ve mentioned would be too much to bare and would become detrimental to your overall progress. I would choose just 1 weight lifting routine and tweak it so that it’ll fit vert shock’s timeline and start testing it. If you see that your weight days have a negative effect on your training you then dial down the frequency or weights and test again until you find a schedule that your body can endure.

  76. I have tried the pre-shock phase and gained about 3 inches,but soon it disappeared after several days off(i was too busy ).
    So i am really afraid i will lose my gain when finishing this whole program.
    Will it happen ?
    I will be so grateful if you can reply…

    • The gains from the pre shock phase do not disappear, the reason you don’t see them is because the shock phase is very intense and you have to test your vertical only when your body is fully recovered.

    • Ok so included in vershock is the maintenance program. If you do the maintenance program (which is only 1 workout a week), your gains will still be there. However, if you don’t, they may decrease.

  77. Im 16, 5’10, 196 pounds and have a standing reach of 7’9, with the vertshock program, does your straight line running speed, agility etc get a boost too, as well as your vertical.. and also i have a 23 inch standing vert, how long into the the vertishock program before i am able to dunk?

    • Hey Solomon, yes my overall speed and agility was increased as well, that’s a positive side effect of the program.
      No one can really tell exactly how long it’ll take for you to dunk but from the number’s you’ve given me it looks like you need about 10-11 inches to dunk from a standing still and less than that for dunking on the run. My estimate is that the 8 week timeframe of the program would be enough to get you there.
      Good luck.

  78. I have ordered the vert shock program but no jump like justin,could you please email me the plan “jump like justin”?

  79. Hi Phil I have both jump like justin and vert shock pro my question is how can I integrate jump manual upper body and lower body weight lifting program since it would be a waste of money if it doesn’t included tnx

    • I would do the weights in the morning and vertshock in the evening. I’d also lower the weight on the lower body exercises and make small increments overtime according to how my legs feel.

  80. Do you think I should do jump like justin with vertshock? I can only touch rim and I’m 6’4 will I be dunking? And I’m trying to gain weight will this stuff make me lose weight because I eat a lot of calories.

    • What’s up Jacob.
      6’4 puts you at a very good spot for dunking, however I would still recommend you to add justin’s workout, I benefited greatly from this workout and I’m about the same height as you.
      By gaining weight do you mean bulking up? because bulking and increasing your vertical don’t exactly go hand in hand. You could increase your muscle mass to a certain extent if you’d combine weight training, but you can’t overdo it otherwise it might interfere with your vertical training.

  81. Yeah bulking… Should I bulk up after vertshock?
    Couldn’t I do vert shock in the afternoon and do EGT and lift weights in the morning?
    Like very short workouts. I just do like 5 exercises and lift heavy

    • Hey Jac, sorry for the late reply… I don’t recommend bulking simultaneously as it doesn’t serve your goal when trying to gain air time, that’s not to say you can’t lift weights, but you’d need to take it light, especially on your lower body. On the upper body you could go more aggressive though. BTW, I know a friend who did EGT while doing vertshock simultaneously and he had decent gains, but he had to do what I just told you, go light on the legs…

  82. Hey Phil I’m 5’8, my standing reach is 7’6, I’m able to get my hand about 2 inches higher than the rim. my vert is 31-32 inches. do you think I can be dunking by mid novemeber if I start now?

    • You need another 6-8 inches, you can gain about 2-3 inches in the first phase and another 3-5 inches in the following weeks, it’s cutting it close but it’s possible.

  83. Hey, so Ive been looking at this vertshock thing and I’m still a little skeptical. I hope to hit a 40 inch vertical at some point in the next six months. Right now I’m at 32 inches. You think this could get me there?

    • Yes. Six months is more than enough time to gain 8 inches, people did it in a lot less than that, even if you’re a slow gainer this almost assures your success. If you train the right way long enough eventually you’re bound to get results.

  84. Hi Phil,
    I’ve been doing the Coach Mac Vertical Program for about 3 weeks, and have had solid success, but I’d like to switch to Vert Shock. How long should I wait before I start exercising with it?

  85. Yo!

    I’m an elite NCAA Div 2 athlete, been apart of way too many vert programs and training principles but I’ve hit a vertical plateau. Squat strength and overall explosiveness has always increased, but my legit vertical maximum hasn’t changed. Curious if you guys believe this program is abstract enough for a few elite athletes to push through some vertical plateaus.



    • Hey Zephania, nice to see a NCAA rep coming by.
      Anyway Justin Darlington, the guy who developed this program, has built it with the intent that anyone who follows this protocol, whether he’d be pro or amateur, will reach a near 40 inch vertical. Of course an amateur would take longer, but at the core of it, this program is a professional grade protocol with a twist of upfront conditioning.
      For someone like you, who’s already conditioned, I’d say jump straight to week 3 where the serious action begins.

  86. I’m 6ft 165lbs and my vertical is 34 inches. I want to get to a 40 inch vertical in like 8 maybe 9 weeks. Can I do that on the vertshock alone or do I need the jump like Justin workout to achieve my goal?

    • You might do it with vert shock alone but you’ll have better chances of not plateauing near the end if you combine the 2 together.

  87. Look i am 6’4 and growing i dont want to just dunk on fastbreaks i want to dunk in traffic and stuff i want to be a monster. Will veryshock and jump like justing get me that?

  88. Hi my name is Marty I’m 14 at 5’9 standing reach 7’6. I am grabbing the rim and I started the jump manual late summer, got from the whole summer about 4-6 inches. I am still growing, the doctors say I am going to be about 6’6-6’9.
    What I am wondering is would I get more results faster than before and will I be dunking by the end of school year if I start vert shock?

    • Hey Marty, the numbers you give are a solid recipe for dunking, you’re on the right track and you’ll probably do it in less than the time you’ve mentioned. Go for it. You might even get a growth boost from the program.

      • Thanks for the advice and one more question I have an approximately 32 inch vertical, could I get to 40 by my senior year or before then?

        • Yes, you’re only a freshman/sophomore and at this age you start to naturally develop more muscle mass, so if you keep practicing with time your legs will get stronger and that will help you on the long term.

  89. Ok I will start on monday. I want you to know I’m not one of these guys who just wants to dunk and that’s it. I’m a varsity player it’s just that I always wanted to be dunking aggressively.

    • Yes, it may look strange at first but when you understand that 10 inches is all that separates between you and the rim then it becomes clear that it’s possible.

      • I am now half in week 4, but i didn’t see any improvement so far, can you help explain this?
        BTW can i rest for a few days before i start week 5 since i will be really busy several days later?

        • Hey Tony, how often do you measure your vertical?
          It’s not recommended to break to the flow of the program but sometimes a little rest works wonders, if it’s 2-3 days I wouldn’t worry too much, the important thing here is to stay consistent.

          • The thing about measuring is knowing when’s the right time to test your vertical.
            What I did was to wait until I had a day off and on the following day I’d measure my vert after warming up (before the workout).

  90. Hey it’s me again and I started and bought the vertshock program and what I am wondering is what should I do on recovery days, stretch or what did you do on recovery days?

    • Hey Marty, on the first go I just used to stretch and try to walk a lot just to get the blood flowing. The second time I did the program I added the jump like justin workout, it helped me recover better and increased the quality of my muscle tissue.

  91. Right now i have a back injury but when I’m healthy I’ma start the program. After that I’m going to do stupid bounce.

  92. Hey Phil,

    Congrats on your success, I have just two questions.
    1) Did you do any other training to increase your vert before vertishock, like weight lifting?
    2) When did you see the biggest gains? After the 1st week? 4th week? Or after the program?

    • Thanks Evan,
      Here’s your answer:
      1) Yes. I did many things such as air alert, strength shoes, weight lifting and what not… some of these things gave me some inches, but nothing close to what I got with vertshock.
      2) During the preshock phase and the first 2 weeks of the shock phase I saw my biggest gains, around 4 inches. After that, gains slowed down and came more gradually.

  93. Hey I’m 5’1 and a half and I want to know if this program would work on me to at least grabbing the rim or making my fingers go over the rim. I can touch the back board right now only.

    • Man that is sick! you’re only 5’1 and you’re touching the backboard…hats down to you man, what is your vertical?
      From this point you only need 4 inches to touch the rim and about 2 more inches to grab it.

      • oh, I’m not sure what a vertical is, but if its how much my legs go off the ground, then its 35 inches, but if its how high I can jump on something then I can jump on something that is to the bottom of my chin. I’m trying to jump higher, and I jumped higher by 1 inch now, I saw the first week workout of veryshock and did it, I increased by like 1 inch and a half, and thanks for your compliments.

      • Hey i’m back again, last time i got here i was 5’1 and a half and i grew an inch now, and i’m 5’2 and a half and today i finally touched the rim!! i went from tipping the bottom of the backboard to touching the rim!! I did some things that the program has and some of my coaches workouts and now i gained a lot! thanks.

        • Nice going Nchai, so this puts your vert at 38 inches, wow this is crazy!
          Keep making progress man and let us know how it goes.

    • What kind of problem?
      If it’s something like a sprained ankle then you can overcome it by strengthening the area. If it’s a serious injury though, it depends on the severeness of it.
      How old are you?

  94. I’m recovering from a basketball injury and need to get back into a plan and some fitness. Do you think this would be good for me?

    • Well, it all depends on how severe your injury was and your recovery rate, these things are usually determined by factors such as your age and lifestyle.
      If you’re 100% recovered then you don’t need to do anything specific in order to begin the program, but if you’re not then you might need to add some extra pre-conditioning specifically to that area where you were injured in order to tackle the hard stages.

  95. Hey Phil. I was reading through old comments, and you’ve been saying that you added the jump like justin workout in as well. I was just wondering when you did the jump like justin program. Did you do it on resting days, before the vertshock exercises etc…? Thanks.

  96. Hey Phil,
    My parents won’t buy it for me but I saw some workouts of it, I did it for about 2 weeks now and I increased a lot, I am 5’1 and was only able to barely tip the backboard, now I can touch it with all of my fingers. I’m getting really close to the rim, just 3-4 more inches to go! I really want to know the workout, so can u give me just some of it?

    • I wish I could man but everything is inside a private membership area where you have to login. If you really want the full program there’s no other way but purchasing it.
      However, sounds like you’re already making some serious progress so I’d just continue with the workouts meanwhile while saving some cash to buy the full program.

  97. Hey Phil,
    I’m 13 and I’m 5’9 I am about 1 inch away from the rim so I’ve been doing thigh and calf workouts to increase my vertical

    • Hey Aidan, thigh and calf workouts are good for your vertical but they’re not the be all end all of vertical jump training. I really recommend you to get the program if you have someone who can buy it for you.

  98. I’m chris, I’m around 6’2 and 6’3 I already can hang on the ring with two hands and sometimes I dunk the basketball with one hand (one foot jumper). how many inches I have to gain to dunk it consistently?
    my vertical is 28’5 and I would like to get about 40 after I do this program and I am in my basketball season right now. what do you Suggest to do?

    • What’s up Chris, Marry Xmas to you and everyone.
      For you to dunk consistently I assume no more than 4 inches is what you’ll need, and you’d be able to deliver one handed dunks pretty much most of the time.
      For 2 handed dunks and 2 foot jumps however, you’re gonna need to push it higher towards 35-38.

      The ideal thing would be to do this program off-season and then just maintain the gains throughout the season. But since the season has already started you’re gonna have to find a way to mix it into your weekly training.

      It’s not impossible but it’ll probably take more than just 8 weeks for you to reach near 40, you’re most likely going to have to repeat the program and space your workouts, but if you start now it’s gonna give you a much better chance than if you wait to the end of the season where it gets intense.

      Happy Holidays.

  99. I might going to wait until the season is over to do the program because I really don’t have the time to do it right now so, do you think I can get near to 40 when I finish the program?

    • Undoubtedly, but if I were you I’d start now and try to get those 4 inches to at least secure that dunk, and then maybe if time was on short I’d continue during off season.

  100. I’m an eighth grader. I’m just around 5 ft and I haven’t been growing much. Regardless I don’t have a very good vertical…13in. But I need to be able to jump and hopefully the height will come soon. Will the program help someone as young as me?

    • Hey Lily,
      Yes, this program works for both males and females if that’s what you’re asking (I’m assuming you’re a girl by your name).
      It will also help you with your height as generally high intensity jump training stimulates the body to release more growth hormones and as a consequence you grow taller. That’s killing 2 birds with 1 stone, sounds like a good deal to me =)

    • Well it really depends on how hard you’re going with the weights, if you’re looking to bulk up and go “hardcore” then you’ll have to make adjustements and cut down the weight lifting in terms of weight and frequency, but yes you can still do weights with this program, you just have to be smart about it and not overdo it.

  101. Hi, Mr Clarke
    first just wanna say thank you for taking the time to answer questions about this program. I’ve have done a lot of programs. Some that kinda work, others that have worked. right now I’m 5’8 and I can touch rim with a running start. I’ve been working hard but I feel like I’ve hit a plateau in my training. Can this program help get through and break into the 40 to dunk?
    thanks for all your help.

    • You’re welcome Darius, I actually enjoy answering these question, might just do a Q&A session and upload a video/podcast for you guys.

      Anyway can this program get you through the plateau…? Yes it definitely can. I know that for a fact because I’ve hit a plateau with it myself at around 35 inches, and with a few small modifications and some light adjustments I broke through the plateau and added an additional 6 inches.
      The main ingredients behind it were adding a pre-workout (jump like justin) and getting more rest.
      So it’s definitely possible to keep adding inches and the proof is in the pudding, I didn’t have to switch to another program to get those inches, I used the same one, and that goes to show you how powerful this program is.

    • Unless you’re already conditioned I would advise against it, there’s a reason that they put an off day in between so that your workouts won’t get hurt from little to no recovery.

  102. Is this program limited to the physics of dunking? I’m a volleyball player. I’m guessing it increases anyways with the same mechanics correct?

    • Correct. This program works regardless of your sports.
      The fact that most of the people who use it are basketball players is just because bball is the most popular branch for jumping higher, but in fact this program will work the same for volleyball/football etc..

    • Hey Jordan, you could try the free pdf that is offered here on the site once you become a subscriber, it’s got a few tricks taken from the program itself to help you increase a few inches.

  103. Hi, I’m 5 feet 9 inches and I have a running vertical of 29 inches and can touch the rim…my reach standing is 7 feet 7 inches, and my standing vertical is 21-22 inches…will these programs help me be able to dunk cause I want to for my school team. I’m 15 right now.

  104. Hey Phil,
    Just wondering how long the workouts usually take. Like an hour or two?
    Apparently they are supposed to be short and intense, but I can’t find anything about the length of each workout anywhere.


  105. Hey Phil
    I have been doing Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual and I’ve been getting results, but just not the results I’m looking for. I need something that takes my game to a new level. I’m wanting to switch to Vert Shock but I just can’t decide if I want to make the switch yet. Any recommendations for me? And also I was wanting to know if I’m doing Vert Shock does that consume all of my leg lifts, like do I do the workout and then do my own leg press stuff or do I ONLY do the workout for that day?

    • Hey Jacob,
      How many inches have you gotten so far and how long has it been since you started?
      You can always make the switch but if you’re still making progress I suggest you stick to it and reevaluate when finished.

      As for the second question, I would not recommend doing any type of weight lifting before/after the program’s workouts. I tried that and it didn’t work well for me.

      If you want you can make it a separate workout that you do a few hours after vertshock or on its “light days”. Generally you have to be very sensitive about it because if you overdo it, it will cause your vert to plateau very fast and you won’t see a lot of gains. That’s why I recommend limiting weight training to 2 times a week, but you also need to be strategic about when’s the right time to do it, so be smart about when and where you choose to hit the iron.

      • Ok cool I did end up making the switch to very shock and I do feel a lot better with this program! I will probably start adding in weight training on the off days if you do think that’s nessecary? If not I’m fine with just doing the workouts very shock tells me to do! Thanks a lot!

  106. Hi I’m 30 years old 6ft 186lbs. I can reach about 1 inch above the rim. Do you think this program can help someone at this age increase their vertical and be able to dunk?

    • If knees and legs are in good shape and you haven’t suffered any serious injuries in the past then yeah, you’re all clear.
      If not, go with a more “gentle” program like the jump manual.

  107. Hey Phil, I’m 18 years old and 6’2″ 165lbs. I can currently grab the rim with both hands. Do you think I’ll be able to dunk at the end of this program?

  108. Hey Phil if you start the program again is good?
    I’m 6’2 and I want two inches to dunk. if I’m doing the program two times it’s better or doing one time shock vert and after jump manual

    • It’s actually a very good idea to repeat the program, my experience is that you can keep gaining at least 40% of what you gained the first time.

  109. Hey Phil, when will I start to see gains and will I be able to dunk consistently after this? I’m 5’10, standing reach 7’7, running vertical started at 27 and 1/2 inches. My 2nd week I got about 2 or 3 more inches. Now, I’m in the middle of the 4th week, and haven’t seen any more gains. I’ve been using protein shakes and been doing the workouts consistently too. plz reply because I need some help man. I’ve always dreamed of dunking and I want to have that ability. Just wanna make sure my dreams come true after all this hard work. thanks :)

    • What’s going TJ… let me explain a bit what you’re probably experiencing and why it’s typical…

      You’re in the middle of the shock phase, it’s hard to see gains at this point because the training schedule is intense and there aren’t many “breaks” where you can let you’re legs fully recover for the test. For this reason, there are lots of fluctuations going which don’t really reflect your true vert capacity. This is why I always tell people to test their vert after a long well rested recovery.

      So if you’re currently starting week 4 you should test it on day 1 of week 5.

      Also very important is that you warm up well before you do the test and that you do it before the workout when you’re still fresh.

      Do these things and you should get a good indication of where you are in terms of how much you progressed.

      Hope this helps you.

      • Okay, do you think I’ll be able to dunk consistently after this program? And I know its hard to tell, but how much do you think my vertical will increase? And thanks for replying.

        • Well if your baseline is 27 inches and your reach is 7’7 the odds are pretty good, plus I’m assuming you already increased 4 inches by now, so you should be able to touch/grab the rim and that is a good sign.
          Exactly how much you’ll gain is hard to answer because everyone progress at a different rate. For instance, people who already have a high vertical will usually progress slower than those who just begin training. But generally people increase 6-10 inches the first time and then another 4-8 inches if they repeat the program.

  110. Hey Phil. My name is Cole and i am 15. I am 5’10 and i only have a 23″ vertical. It has gone up 3 inches in 7 weeks. Are you sure this program is worth it for 67 bucks? Trust me i am committed though. And how fast will i notice a difference and by how much? Thanks.

    • Well, generally speaking the lower your vertical is the more potential you have to increase it, so yes I’m sure you’ll be getting inches from it and if you’re committed and consistent then there’s no reason not to.
      Once you start the program you should notice gains within the first 2 weeks.

  111. Hi, how much time a day and how many days a week do i spent on average during the program? i’m 16 and still in school and don’t know if i have time enough for the program.

    • It’s 4-5 days a week and each workout takes about 40 minutes to complete. Really not an issue if you asked me.

  112. I’m 5″4 and in 6th grade do you think that with this program I will be able to dunk? I can almost touch the backboard only 1 inch away

    • You’re still very young to dunk but you need to think about this more globally, rather than just focus on dunking, because the program gives you so much more than that. You’ll become faster and quicker, you’ll jump higher and get more rebounds and blocks etc.. these are big things that really give you an edge in the game no matter how old or what height you are.
      And if nothing else, you’ll grow taller more quickly because the program stimulates growth and boosts the hormones that are responsible for increasing your skeleton length (mostly spine and legs).
      So as you can see there are so many benefits that you can gain from this, and the more early you’ll start the higher the chances that eventually you’ll end up dunking.

    • It’s more aimed towards vertical jump training but when you do it you also improve things like explosive power, agility, speed and other factors that directly relate to football needs. I can see almost any athlete on any high intensity sport benefiting from it.

  113. I’m on week 8 with the three days to go. How much rest do you think I should give after the program? My legs especially quads are sore. I saw a inches gain after a first two weeks but now I don’t even like jumping legs so tired.

    • I took 2 weeks off before I began training again, if you’re in a hurry you could cut it down to 1 week with stretching every day and light cardio, but don’t go any lower than that.

  114. Hello PHIL CLARKE I am 37 years old, I measure 6 feet and 187 pounds, jump 35 inches.
    can I reach 40 inches?
    what do you recommend me?

    • Hey Juan, well if you’re currently stuck at 35 inches then I suggest you try to break the plateau with vertshock, it can certainly shock things up and provide the right stimulation for the muscles to generate more power.

  115. You guys are awesome for answering questions. I’m 35. I just cut weight, so I am at 177 pounds or so. I’ve been able to dunk maybe three times in my life. I am entering week two now. My standing vertical was only 21″. My running vertical is about eight inches higher. Even now, I can grab the rim. Would it be feasible to think that after seven more weeks I will be throwing them down with ease?

    • Hey Juan, I’m not a fan of doing weight lifting during the program, it might actually slow down your progress and even bring you to a complete halt if you’re not doing all the other stuff right.
      If you really insist on lifting weights then I’d recommend you do it as a separate workout with at least a few hours space in between. For example you do the program in the morning and hit the gym in the evening, that way you give your muscles enough time to recover. I also recommend you to limit the lifting to only 2 times a week, unless you’re doing upper body exercises and in that case it can be stretched to 3-4 times depending on your recovery rate.

      Someone here asked a similar question earlier, checkout my response:

  116. Hi I’m a 5’9 freshman and I have a 32 inch vertical. I can occasionally touch rim and I really want to dunk. I did one week of vertishock but I stopped because I noticed I lost a couple inches on my vertical. What should I do to reach my goal of dunking?

    • Keep going, the first week is just pre-conditioning.. the real action begins at week 2 and it takes time to see the results, I suggest you be patient and follow through with the program.

        • No one knows for sure, because some people rise faster than others and it also depends on your starting point. But most of the people I’ve seen were able to dunk after completing the program.

  117. Hey, the first time I did the program a couple of times I didn’t really get any results. It might have been because I jumped a lot after most of the workouts and played basketball so maybe I didn’t get enough rest? If i do the program again do you think I should just do the workouts rest as much as I can and only test my vert on like week 4 and 8?

    • I’m not surprised to hear it Ryan, this totally explains it. but there is a solution… follow the program’s guidelines and don’t deviate from it.
      I’ve seen so many people fail in their training just because they were staying in the gym “a little longer” or trying to stack other workouts along with it. When you do that you’re basically mistreating your body by depriving it from recovery, and when it comes to jumping higher “less is more”. People need to stop being tempted to do more and let time do it’s thing. It’s better to do less and stay in the safe zone, than doing more and pass the tipping point where you start to overtrain yourself.

      I hope you understand this concept.

  118. Hey Phil. So I’m a 5’9 sophomore (about to be junior). I can touch the backboard as of right now, and have yet to touch rim. Do you think that this program could help me out and be able to dunk (if not, get a higher vert)? I’d appreciate any response. Thanks bro

    • Hey Bryan, right now you’re roughly about 4 inches from touching the rim.
      It’s the generally accepted that the closer you are to 6 feet the higher your chances are to dunk. However 3 inches is not that big of a deal, and in most cases people go the extra mile to overcome this gap.

      On top of that your height is not set in stone, you can still grow, and in fact the program supports faster growth via nutrition and high-intensity training, so you actually double your chances to dunk because you’re now jumping higher and growing faster too.

      Hope that makes sense.

  119. Hey Phil, I feel like I’m hitting a plateau on my training. Have done the program once already, going through a second round but I’m not seeing much gains, probably only an inch to two thus far. Admittedly though my first round of vertishock wasn’t done precisely and my diet was also not in shape. Would you have any recommendation to get my body out of the plateau without any gym access? Did you alter any of the exercises here and there?

    • Sorry to hear that Ron, but I can’t say I’m surprised, I hear this all the time from members who tried the program and haven’t got much gains with it. But after further research you learn that they either didn’t take the training enough seriously, or they slacked off with their nutrition, or they did the usual mistake of playing too much ball which led to them over-training and messing up their recovery. One way or another they didn’t followup with the program as they should have, and that’s unfortunate as it eventually leads to failure and all the hard work is wasted for nothing.

      My recommendation is that you go through the program again and follow the guidelines carefully exactly as it states, with a big emphasis on recovery, because even if you get the training only 60% right you can still make progress if you take care of business with recovery. But when you mess up on recovery it won’t matter even if you trained at 100% efficiency, because the body simply can’t keep up with the load so it won’t be ready for the the next round and it’s a downhill ride from there. This ties also to the aspect of nutrition and limiting your activity levels.

      It’s only after you gained some traction and had some results that you start customizing and altering things, but at this point it’s really irrelevant to talk about it because you still haven’t used up the training to full extent and still haven’t reaped the benefit from it.

      • Hey Phil, thanks for your reply. I would say my workout effort is around 70-90% now, depending on my condition level on the day. On certain days it’s also hard to fit in the workouts at my most optimum time of the day. I’m on week 4 now following the program and schedule as religiously as possible and getting proper diet and nutrition throughout the day, post workout and before bed. Hopefully I’ll be back to post on my gains. How many ball sessions did you limit yourself to when you did the program? I’m limiting it to once or twice a week now depending on my condition but I figured I could also make use of these ball sessions to work on my jumping technique. Do you take the recovery days to ball at all or do you block off those days completely as a non-activity day?

        • I limited ball playing to once a week and my recovery days were only for stretching and light shoot around practice to get some blood flowing.

  120. Phil, I am 45 years old, 5’10, 170 Ibs. Good shape. I can currently touch the rim on a good day off two feet. From age 18-21, I could dunk when in good shape, then had a series of injuries from broken ankles to knee surgery to repair a bad inner miniscus tear. I currently play ball in a league once a week and do plyometrics a couple of days a week. I can still play ball competitively, but lack the explosiveness I had even a few years ago. At age 45, do I have any chance of improving my vert to be able to dunk again?

    • Hey Eric, it seems you went through quite a lot.
      In all fairness I’m not sure this program will be a fit for you because it really requires fresh legs. Add to that the fact that you’re not young anymore and that your metabolism/rate of recovery is slower, therefore I can’t really say that I recommend this program for you.
      You might want to check out Jump Manual instead.

  121. If you’re a female volleyball player how long will it take to go to ten feet if you have a 27 inch vertical?

    • I’ve answered this question many times throughout the comments here, but there’s no exact number to how much you’ll gain, it usually ranges from 6 to 10 inches during the course of the first 2 months.
      Females usually take longer than men due to less lean muscle tissue, but vertical jump is a combination of multiple factors rather than just muscle mass, so the program can still be used for women.

  122. Hi,
    I’m seriously considering purchasing the program and using it this summer, but I’ll be out of town some of the time. How should I approach this?

    • Hey Paul, if you miss a day or two it’s not the end of the world, you go back to the same point where you left off and continue from there.

      What you don’t want is long breaks where your muscles receive stimulation infrequently and you become stagnant. I’d say 3 days off is the longest you should go without training. If you know you’re going to be out of town more than that, then maybe it’s best to plan and schedule your workouts before, during and after you come back so that they spread evenly.

  123. Hello! I am an avid gym goer and basketball player but I can only grab about half the net when I jump up. I’m about 5’9-5’10 19 years old and about 175 pounds before I play ball, afterwards about 168 (I’m guessing lost water weight)

    Will I be able to dunk after using this program? I am Vietnamese and I don’t see any Asians around me in all the gyms I have been to dunk, but it is my goal to dunk before the end of 2016.

    Thanks for your help. Hope to see your response soon

    • Vietnam, eh? Always wanted to visit there, amazing landscapes… anyway there are good news and there are bad news.
      The good news is that you’re goal is doable as many people have done it before. My estimated calculation is that you need another 14 inches to dunk, and it can be achieved if you remain consistent and stay out of injury and overtraining.

      The bad news is (as you might have guessed) it’s going to take time and you’re probably going to have to repeat the program 2-3 times to get there, but it’s gonna be worth it because once that happens you’ll be the only one in your gym dunking = unfair advantage :>

  124. Hello Mr.Phil I am 6’2 190 pounds and can grab rim easily with two hands for a while. My reach is 7’11 or 8 feet to round it off. How long do you think it will be before I can dunk. I am also a two foot jumper with about a 28 inch vertical.

    • Hey Devin, your stats look very promising. But even without them, based on the sole fact that you can grab the rim with 2 hands is already enough to tell me that this shouldn’t take you too long to throw it down.

      I would not be surprised if you’d be dunking at week 3, or heck even week 2, because it’s only about 4-5 inches that separate between you and a dunk. Pretty straight forward I think…

  125. Hey Phil! I got the program a week ago and I just finished the pre shock phase but I see no improvement. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Not always the first week yields gains, it depends on multiple factors like starting point and conditioning level. Even so, the average gain for the first week is just 2 inches and this falls within the range of measuring errors, it could be that you just chose the wrong time to test your vert and that could easily cut 2 inches off your jump.

      Anyway what matters is the following 6 weeks, so just be patient and stick to it, if you don’t start noticing gains 2 weeks from now that is the time to re-examine what you’re doing and look for mistakes that possibly hinder results.

  126. hola Phil, tengo una pregunta, yo tengo 50 años de edad, juego baloncesto amateur, mido 6.2 y peso 199 lb, tengo un vertical de 23 pulgadas y quisiera llegar a las 30 pulgadas, mi pregunta es con el vertical shock podre llegar a las 30 pulgadas? gracisa por tu atencion.

  127. hola phil,espero me conteste mi pregunta,tengo el vertical shock y el manual de salto,no tengo lesiones tengo un vertical de 24 pulgadas,quiero llegar a las 30 pulgadas,mido 6.2,peso 199 lbs y tengo 50 años y soy jugador activo amateur,cual me ayudaria mas a mi objetivo?

  128. Hi Phil! I am 28, 5’7, 125lbs and only able to reach the backboard. Do you think the program will work for me and make me dunk someday?

    • Well 5’7 is really stretching it, but the fact that you’re able to reach the backboard is a positive aspect. We already know that’s possible because people have done it, but obviously it would take more than just doing the program once and you’re most likely to hit a few road blocks along the way. But if you understand that this is a long term run and you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort to do it then there’s no question about it, and the sooner you start the better.

  129. hola phil buen dia tengo 50 años,6.2 mts y peso de 199 lbs tengo un vertical de 24 pulgadas y quiero llegar a los 30 para hacer mates,mi preguntaes haciendo el vertical shock con el entrenamiento de justin podre llegar a mi objetivo?soy jugados de baloncesto amateur.

    • Hola Jorge,
      Por favor, perdona mi español, yo no contesto a usted porque no podía entender su comentario. Estoy utilizando el traductor Google para escribir esta respuesta para usted.

      El programa puede ayudar definitivamente agrega 6-7 pulgadas a su salto vertical, e incluso más.
      Sin embargo, usted tiene 50 años de edad.. ¿estás seguro de que su cuerpo será capaz de hacer frente a todo el entrenamiento?

      Es muy importante que usted tiene las rodillas sanas con el fin de hacer este programa, hay muchos ejercicios intensos en él y usted tiene que saltar mucho.
      Si las piernas y las rodillas están en buen estado y luego seguir adelante y proceder con precaución.
      Si no es así, le recomiendo que utilice un programa más conservador como jump manual.

      Espero que mi comentario le ayudó.

  130. I am 6’2, occasionally dunking with one hand and easily hanging from the rim with two hands, will i be able to straight jam it after the 8 week program?

  131. Hey Phil, I’m a 1-foot jumper and I was just wondering if the program is specifically designed for 2 feet jumpers. I’m also a long jumper so 1-foot jumping is very important to me.
    Will the program negatively effect my 1 foot jumping or make my body use to jump with 2 feet?

    • It’s designed for all the situations you might encounter on the court, whether it’s jumping off the run or with a one-step as well as 1 & 2 feet jumps.

      Will the program negatively effect my 1 foot jumping or make my body use to jump with 2 feet?

      On the contrary, it will increase the output on both of your legs individually (even your weak leg) and all together.

  132. Phil,

    I have a serious question. I’ve played ball my whole life and in college i had a 36″ vertical (i’m 6’0″) and could dunk fairly easily. I’m now 45 years old and still play a few times a week, but due to some ankle injuries and not working out in my 30s, I’ve lost almost all of my jumping ability. Could this program help me get it back?

    • Hey Greg, to be honest with you 45 is really pushing it for this program, there’s a lot of jumping involved and I’m not sure your knees could take it.

      Are you currently following any routine?
      If not, then I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to jump straight into this program. At your age I believe you have to have some conditioning when coming into this program because it does put a lot of strain on your legs and therefore you have to start from a good point health wise, but if your legs are not working well then it might be too much for you to handle.

      Have you considered the jump manual instead?

  133. Hey Phil, I’m 13 and I have a very busy schedule. How long do workouts normally take and do you have to do it in a gym or can u do it at home?

    • About 40-45 minutes.
      If you’re also doing Jump Like Justin workout that’s an additional 15 minutes.

      You don’t need a gym, just a straight surface where you can do the jumps comfortably.

  134. Hello Phil, I have a few questions to ask you.

    1) What was your weight, height, and vertical before the program?
    2) What was the gains around every week and what was your final vertical after the program?

    I am 5’11” and 153. I don’t know my vertical right now, but I can touch the backboard and am like 2-3 inches from touching the rim.

    4) Do you think I can gain 5-6 inches in a month and a half?
    5) Do you think protein and mass gain will help in my results?

    I know this is a lot of questions, but it would be helpful if you answered all of them. Thank You! Your video was amazing to see how you athletic you looked and the different dunks you could do!

    • There ya go:

      1) weight 165lb, height 6’2, starting vertical 25″
      2) Gained 8 inches when going through the program the first time (ended with 33″ vertical). If you do the math that’s an average of 1 inch per week, but it wasn’t equally spread and typically the biggest gains came in the first few weeks, then it continued more slowly from there.

      3) Good stats that put you at a high chance.
      4) Doable.
      5) It could, but the main focus should still be on a solid diet that supports quick recoveries.

      That was a little quick & dirty, but I think it should answer your questions.

  135. Hi Phil. I just turned 13 years old last month and I am only 5″2. I can touch around mid net and I just asked my mom to get VS and she said yes. I really want to be able to grab the rim before I reach 9th grade and this is my goal.

    I wanted to know if VS would work for me since I am young. I know I will put hard work into this because increasing my vertical has always been important to me since I was a little kid since I play basketball. And do I need any weights for this program? It would mean a lot if you responded. Thank You! I hope VS works.

    And one more thing, is this the best vertical jump training or is there a better one?

  136. Hi Phil,

    How many time this program would consume of my time? How many days per week, and how many minutes/hours per workout.
    (I’m doing quite a lot of exercises – gym, martial arts, wall climbing, so I wonder how I could fit vert shock into my timetable)


  137. Hi, I’m 175cm (5’7 i guess?). Before, I can barely touch the rim with my fingers but after 3 months of rest, i am a few inches below the rim. I want to start again, and I wonder with this program, will I be able to grab the rim and possibly dunk too?

        • Well, you were almost right with your calculation. You’re actually 5’9. What’s your standing reach?

          Anyway if you can touch the rim, that puts you at around 8-10 inches away from dunking. This is pretty good and it’s what most people gain after the 8 weeks.

        • Absolutely. As I’ve said earlier, you’re well within the range of dunking and the majority of people in your situation end up reaching their goal after the 8 weeks.

          In worst case scenario, you’ll need only a couple more inches, and that can easily be attained by repeating the program or doing it for a little bit longer.

          Hope this clears things up for ya.

    • It’ll probably take more than just 8 weeks given that you need 5 inches just to get to the rim and about another 8 inches to go from there.

      It could work as there are some guys who do actually gain 13+ inches, but most athletes get around 8-11 inches the first time.

      My guess is that you’d need to repeat the program and would have your dunk midway through the 2nd time.

  138. Hey, I’m 6’3″ and can already dunk with one hand and, on good days, two hands. Do you think this program can help me enough to the point where I can dunk with two hands consistently?

    • Hey Andrew,
      What’s your current vertical?

      I actually targeted the same thing when deciding on redoing the program..

      I was dunking consistently with one hand but not so consistent with two hands.
      I also wanted to be able to dunk from a stand still position.

      As you can see from my results I have achieved two handed dunks midway through the second time of redoing it.

      To answer your question…

      I think if your vertical is under 35″ then VS definitely has the potential of increasing you.

  139. If I purchase the veryshock program will I get the jump like Justin program you mentioned as well? Thanks for your prompt reply

    • It’s a separate segment of the program so you’ll have to purchase it individually if you want it.
      I think I paid 37 bucks for it at the time, but it was well worth it because it played a role for me adding an additional 5.5 inches the second time.

  140. Hey Phil. Thank you for all the info regarding the program. I work a lot of hours for my job during the week. What is the typical workout length for this program? I want to see how much time is needed because I really want to start it. Thank you.

  141. Hey Phil! I am a 5’7 girl and I am 14 years old. I practically live off of volleyball, i love it so much. But I really struggle with jumping high. Do you think this program would benefit me in my vertical even though I’m not doing it for basketball? Thank you so much!

    • Hey Aggie, volleyball players are in fact the second most common athletes to use this program after basketball players.

      And to answer you’re question, your body doesn’t care what sports you’re training it for, it will respond just the same regardless of whether you’re training for basketball or for volleyball.

      So yes this program should definitely work for you.

  142. Hey Phil, I’m 5’7″ and 16 and don’t even think I can touch net on a regulation hoop so I plan on doing this program possibly multiple times to increase my vertical and would appreciate if you could answer some questions for me.

    1) I heard the absence of weightlifting limits future vertical gains by preventing the increase in threshold of muscle force development. If I do the complex training routines will it allow me to keep seeing increases if I work on it in the future? (Also are the complex training routines a separate segment and if so how expensive?)

    2) Can I do the jump like Justin, complex training routines and regular program at the same time and if I also play basketball will it be too much?

    3) Does the program increase quickness and athleticism as well or just vertical jump?

    4) Will the program help my mechanics? My standing and running verticals are very similar so I think my mechanics are the problem.

    Sorry for the long questions, and thanks for the help!

    • Why not Adam,

      1) Weightlifting increases your potential to jump higher that’s true, but it also lengthens the time it takes for you to get results because it actually adds another layer of training that your body now has to cope with, that’s why it’s best to start with the regular training first, get those quick inches, and then (after you finished the program) do the complex training.

      The complex training is indeed a separate segment and I think it has cost me 17 bucks, if you plan on developing your vertical beyond 35 inches I would recommend you to get it.

      2) I would do the normal training + JLJ first, and after finishing the program I would add the complex training.

      3) Increases your athletic ability as a whole, but obviously most of the focus is on jumping higher.

      4) The program does a fair job of teaching you how to correct your form, but I feel they could have done a better job on this because the JLJ segment went much deeper and more in depth on this topic. If form is mainly your problem I would recommend to supplement with JLJ.

      Does this answer your question Adam?
      Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know about.

      • Thanks I was also wondering if I could do other workouts with this program like weightlifting or even running and also playing basketball or if it’s too much and this should be a program focused on in the off season. Also do you recommend some sort of diet to burn fat and allow me to jump higher?

        Thanks again

        • 1) You can, but you have to limit those and be very smart about it.

          See these comments I made here:

          2) As far as diet goes, nothing fancy here. Just make sure you eat clean, drink plenty of water and get enough calories in your daily intake. If you follow the program’s diet checklist you should be fine.

          • 1) I could definitely limit my weightlifting but I try to practice basketball everyday for at least an hour because I haven’t been playing for long and am trying to get better as quick as possible. Will I have to limit that or could I do them at different times of the day and rest if my legs feel very tired?

            2) Also is there a workout on every single day or are some days for rest?

            3) Lastly what is the diet checklist like? Will i have to go out of my way to make sure to follow it?
            Thanks again

          • 1) You’ll definitely have to limit practice, more so if you’re doing weights. The program has you training 5 days a week with just 2 days off, and the workouts have to be intense to be effective. You won’t be able to keep it up for 8 weeks if you practice ball every day.

            When I did the program I had to limit my ball sessions to just once a week.

            Even if we factor in the fact that you’re much younger than me, and the fact that you probably don’t have much commitments at your age, then maybe you could stretch it to 2-3 sessions per week.

            But I get it, you want keep doing some of the stuff you’ve been doing so far.

            So here’s my suggestion…

            If you want a ballpark recommendation for a good starting point, I’d say you could combine the program with up to 2 light weight sessions + 2 moderate ball sessions per week.

            But, if at any point you feel that your body just ain’t recovering fast enough for the jump workouts, start cutting back on some of these other activities.

            Basically you want to find a sweet spot where you’re able to do the vert training along with the other activities, without them interfering with each other. This is something you’ll have to be mindful about and always keep in check as you go through the training.

            2) See answer number one.

            3) Depends on what you’re used to. If you’re used to eating fast-food and unhealthy stuff on a regular basis, then yes, you will have to go out of your way to make this happen.

            But frankly, in terms of nutrition, the program is not too strict in a sense that it doesn’t require you to start counting calories or calculate how many grams of proteins you’ve eaten today. It simply requires you to eat clean and pay attention to your pre/post workout meals.

            Other than that, nothing fancy.

  143. I am 5ft6 or 5 ft 7. I play volleyball and i need 1 inch to touch the rim. I workout in the gym on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. Although I don’t know what my vert is currently, can this workout help me? Can I do this? Can I dunk in 5 months?

  144. Hey phil im 5’10” without shoes 5’11” with 7’6″ standing reach 24″ vertical how many inches would i need to gain to dunk estimate thanks

  145. Where were you at when you started this program (touching rim, grabbing rim with one hand, two hands, etc.)?

    I have decided that I want to be able to dunk before I turn 30. I could leap pretty good back in high school and college but I found myself out of shape after a few years of marriage and having my awesome daughter. I turned around one day and realized I couldn’t even touch rim anymore.

    I’m 5’8″ with only a standing reach of 7’4″. I am two weeks away from completing a program called flyghright by Brandon Todd. I went from barely being able to touch the rim on the run to being able to touch the rim on a vertical (standing vertical 32″). I can even hang on the rim with two hands when I’m good and loose. I think I will be doing the vert shock program along with the complex training techniques and the jump like justin workout. I am struggling to find where I can purchase the “vert shock pro complex training techniques”. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  146. Hey man, im 19 and 5’9. I’m on week 3 of the program and I’ve noticed some nice improvements although I started already being able to grab the rim with two hands I haven’t gained those few inches needed to throw down with the ball yet. I’m starting to develop pain on my right knee, I don’t wanna stop the workouts and lose out on the gains but at the same time I don’t want to push myself and end up being hurt in the long run. what can you recommend i do?

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