Vert Shock Program Free PDF Download (Week 1-8)


What’s Inside the Free PDF?

This Vert Shock Free PDF is something I’ve discovered only recently.

It turns out the guys who created the Vert Shock program (Thincpro) have decided to put out a FREE PDF eBook with some really awesome techniques to increase your vertical.

This free pdf contains 4 Pro Hacks used by NBA & NFL players.

It can help you go out there TODAY and increase up to 4 inches on your vertical without spending a penny.

In the past, they used to sell this guide for $17, but now they’re giving it away for free.

I’m not sure how long they’ll keep giving this away, but hey… as long as it’s up there and they haven’t taken it down, you might as well grab it.

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Where Can I Download the Program for Free?

The Vert Shock program itself is not available for free so STOP looking for ways to download it.

You might be able to find small sections of it online such as week 1 or week 8, but that’s only a small fraction of what the program has to offer and it’s hardly what you get when you sign up as a member.

For starters, that’s not all of the workouts. Vert Shock is an 8 week program as you know. Having just the pre-shock phase and the post-shock phase is like getting ready for an exam by only learning the first and last chapters of the materials. You miss everything in between!

Is Vert Shock A PDF?

No, Vert Shock is not just a PDF file. Some of the program consists of PDF files of the workouts themselves, but Vert Shock is a lot more than that. It also contains all of the following:

  • Exercise videos
  • Detailed explanation on how to execute the exercises correctly
  • Warmup sessions
  • Progress charts
  • Form and technique module
  • Jumpers diet checklist
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Bonuses
  • Lifetime support
  • and much more…

These can only be accessed when you purchase the program and ONLY through the official site.

The full program costs just $67 and it’s a small investment to make if you’re serious about becoming a pro athlete.

Heck, if athletes like Lebron James invest $1.5 Million every season just on their body, I think you can afford to invest a few bucks on yourself.

And whenever you invest in yourself, you can’t lose.

Investing in yourself and your dreams is the #1 best thing you can ever do.

Think about it…

New shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc.. ALL FADE AWAY…

…They’re cool for a week or two and then eventually get old.


The reputation you leave behind as a SAVAGE dunker in your school lasts forever.


Workout PDF Files

For those of you who are still on the fence about Vert Shock, this free pdf might help you decide.

It’s a free sample of what awaits you inside once you sign up.

It is perfect if you’re a young athlete who’s just beginning to work on his vertical and you want a quick way to add 2-4 inches to your vertical.

The ideal age group is athletes between 12-25 years old. And while the program itself appeals mostly to basketball players, it will work for any type of athlete looking to jump higher – volleyball players, football players, parkour etc..

Basically any sport that requires the recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers for jumping.

So guys, seriously… take this advice and start taking action towards your goals.

Stop watching crappy Youtube videos that tell you to do this and that and then you’ll be a ferocious dunker with a 40-inch vertical.

Do this one magic exercise and you’ll increase your vertical 20 inches overnight“.

I’m seriously so sick of it!

Yes, I’m talking about all those YouTubers who tell you to do box jumps, squats, whatever… but meanwhile they collect money from ads every time you watch their videos.

Trust me, they DON’T CARE if you ever dunk…

In fact, in their eyes it’s probably better if you don’t.

Just think about it… if you finally dunk, then you stop looking up their videos…

And then they stop getting paid!

Trust me, I’ve been there and followed lots of random advice from people on Youtube and it’s NOT how I eventually got my first dunk.

Yeah, you might add a few inches initially by doing random workouts, but it’s not a complete long-term solution.

If you want a step-by-step easy to follow blueprint to start throwing down nasty dunks, then you need a good program that’s scientifically based and has passed the test of time.

Vert Shock is one of the few programs out there that ticks those boxes and is definitely one I could recommend because I tried it personally.

Hence, my advice for you is to take the leap forward and give this program a try.

To finish off, I’ll leave you with a quote from someone who was modestly successful in life:


Remember: nothing of value comes without being earned.

Until next time… keep grinding.