Let’s face it… White Men Can’t Jump! It’s an established fact, and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind about it. EVER. And don’t bring up that dude who dunked in jeans, he’s a Klingon. … Wait, what’s his last name again? Kilganon??? … OK, white men CAN … Read more

You’ve probably seen the sick dunks that Jordan Kilganon threw during the All-Star Game… he literally got NBA stars jumping out of their seats when they saw the crazy dunks he was putting down. But does Bounce Kit, his vertical jump training program, live up to the reputation of “the … Read more

If you’ve been searching online for ways to increase your vertical you’ve undoubtedly come across Air Alert being mentioned more than once. In this review I’m going to talk about this program, why it DOESN’T work, and why you should stay as far away from it as possible. I’ll explain … Read more

If I had to name the 2nd most asked question I get about vertical jumping (1st is “how do I increase my vertical“), it would be this: “What’s the best vertical jump program?” There are so many vertical jump training programs available nowadays that it’s just f***ing impossible to keep … Read more

Today I wanna raise a subject that I’ve always struggled with as a player – shooting the ball. Shooting is the most common way points are being made in the game, therefore it’s an utmost important skill to have, if not THE most. But developing an effective jumper is not … Read more

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