The Sneaky Trick Jordan Kilganon Used to Achieve a 50-Inch Vertical Leap


White Men Can’t Jump.

Who among us hasn’t heard that phrase?

Yes, it’s an old comical myth from the ’90s, but… did you know it’s actually true?

A recent study at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, now proves it:

If you’re of white color and you’re trying to jump over 35 inches, you should stop.

The odds are truly not in your favor.

Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to live to 100 than achieving a 40-inch vertical.

Here’s the abstract of that study:

Click to see the study's conclusion.
rick roll
Rick Roll’d

OK, obviously this was a joke.

Sorry if you got offended, that was not the point.

But seriously now…

Do you know how many people hold this racist and dumb myth to be true?

Yeah, stereotypes are a powerful thing, let me tell you that.

But it’s even more tragic when they prevent people from achieving their goal of dunking ’cause in their head they be like…

I got no “Dunking Genes”

Luckily, that’s one myth that’s super easy to bust (unlike other so called “myths”).


Instead of going into a lengthy argument about why the stereotype isn’t true, you can just share a clip from the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto.

The clip I’m talking about doesn’t involve the actual All-Star Game or a famous NBA superstar, just a skinny white dude in jeans named Jordan Kilganon.

During a timeout in the 4th quarter, Kilganon made an appearance on the court that instantly put him on the national spotlight.

Millions of people from all around the world got to witness how an unassuming white guy, about 6 feet tall, got onto the court sporting a pair of jeans and performed a dunk that made the NBA dunk contest look like a child’s play.

The Viral Dunk That Started It All

With just one dunk, he not only stunned millions of fans from around the world, but shocked even seasoned NBA veterans, some of them dunk contest winners themselves.

Here’s what he did:

Those reactions by DeRozan and D-Wade are priceless!

Unsurprisingly, after his performance, many people were left asking…

Who is this guy?

So let’s dig in and find out more about Jordan Kilganon and how on earth he was able to attain such an insane vert.

Jordan Kilganon Stats


Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)

Weight: 176 lbs. (80 kg)

Wingspan: 6′ 3.5″ (1.91 m)

Standing Reach: 8′ 1″ (2.46 m)

Age: 31 (born April 28, 1992)

Nicknames: “Mission Impossible”; “The Dude Who Dunked in Jeans”;

Jordan Kilganon is a professional dunker that’s won numerous elite dunking competitions around the world.

Some of the places he’s appeared on include The Dunk King, Battle in the Apple in Brooklyn, Dunk League, and many more.

With his sensational 50-inch vertical, he has perfected the art of the dunk and invented numerous dunks that are still unrepeated to this day.

You’ve already seen the incredible “Scorpion” dunk he was able to pull off during the All-Star Weekend, but that might not even be his best…

Over his career, Jordan has performed some truly unforgettable dunks, including the ‘Lost and Found‘ dunk:

Or the ‘Upside Down‘ dunk:

Or any of his RIDICULOUS dunks at The Dunk King (MUST WATCH):

Now that’s how you jump over a car, Blake!

Anyway, not only he has one of the biggest vertical jumps in the world, but he also possesses unique creativity and passion for dunking that allows him to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Jordan Kilganon Vertical Leap Height

So far, all of the reports on Jordan Kilganon’s vertical were based on speculation, and not on exact measurements…

But on June 25th 2019 Kilganon released this video, putting an end to the rumors for good.


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Conclusion: Jordan Kilganon’s vertical jump height is 49.5 inches (126 cm). Verified.

How Does Jordan Kilganon Jump so High?

So how does an average-looking white guy from Canada become one of the world’s greatest dunkers of all time?

Well, it wasn’t by accident.

Kilganon spent the better part of his life pushing his body to be able to do what he does today.

This is good news for anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps…

It means that with the right training, even average athletes can become explosive leapers and stun crowds with spectacular dunks.

To learn how to start, let’s find out how Kilganon became who he is today by looking at his workout routine.

How Jordan Kilganon Works Out

Today, Kilganon uses cutting-edge training technology to improve his vertical leap.

As you’ve probably guessed, Jordan Kilganon wasn’t born as “The Guy Who Dunked in Jeans.”

In fact, for the bigger part of his teenage years, he was just an average athlete that didn’t draw anyone’s attention.

But all that changed when he was able to dunk for the first time at the age of 16.

According to Jordan himself, the dunk wasn’t anything special… a simple two-hander without much power behind it.

But for Jordan, that was enough to get him hooked for life.

While his friends and schoolmates focused on ballhandling and shooting, Jordan crafted his entire workouts around becoming the best dunker possible.

He’d spend up to FOUR hours a day doing nothing but stuffing the ball in the hoop, rewiring his leg muscles and priming him to become the spectacular leaper that he is today.

Later on, he started to include weight training in his sessions to maximize his body’s potential.

This allowed him to reach an UNREAL 50-inch vertical that could only be rivaled by a handful of athletes in the entire world.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Jordan Kilganon.

And by all accounts, he made the right choice, as the video above demonstrates.

He’s been immensely successful as a dunker and has redefined the art of putting the ball in the hoop like few before him.

Many people wonder why he’s not in the NBA, but the answer is simple…

that was never his goal.

To make it to the NBA, you have to be one of the top 500 players in the world, as well as have exceptional physical attributes that very few people possess.

Suffice to say, the odds of making it aren’t great.

So instead, Jordan focused on becoming incredible at one single thing – dunking.

And that focus allowed him to create a well-paying career that turned him into a superstar and enabled him to travel around the world.

Many aspiring dunkers and basketball players could learn a lot from his approach…

Instead of trying to become a jack of all trades, you could try and find a single thing to excel at.

And becoming an athletic freak with a max vertical of 50 inches isn’t a bad idea.

Just watch how effortlessly he breaks the world record for the running box jump, setting it at a STAGGERING height of 75 inches.

Yep, definitely an alien.

So now that you’ve seen what otherworldly stunts this guy can pull off, you’re probably asking yourself…

How can I achieve a killer vertical like Jordan’s?

OK, maybe not like Jordan’s ’cause he’s a freak for sure…

But there IS something you can do to improve your vertical, and the advice that he gives is shockingly simple…

Ready for it?

Go out and start dunking…

every single day…

…and if you can’t dunk on a regular hoop, do it on a lower one, then work your way up.

Do this for long enough, and your body will start to adjust.

By going out and practicing your dunk routinely, you’ll gradually get better over time just through repetition.

Also, focus on your training and technique and don’t rely on gimmicks and gadgets such as “jump higher shoes” or jumpsoles thinking that they’ll magically turn you into a better leaper.

It all comes down to the work you put in.

If you want a more detailed plan of action than just endless dunk sessions, Kilganon also has his own program called Bounce Kit where he lays out his entire workout routine from start to finish.

What Is Bounce Kit?


Bounce Kit is Jordan Kilganon’s 12-week vertical jump training program.

In essence, it’s a detailed blueprint of the entire process that took Jordan from barely being able to dunk, to becoming the unstoppable force of nature that he is today.

The program is split into three phases, each about a month long.

You’ll gradually move from strength-based foundational training to explosiveness training, transforming your body and priming you to reach your full leaping potential.

As you would expect from a program developed by such a high-caliber dunker, Bounce Kit has a lot of good features

The emphasis on strength training helps to form a strong foundation and prepares your body for the explosive movements, reducing the risk of injury.

What’s more, the presentation is quite good, as the online dashboard and videos are easy to navigate and watch on any device.

On the flip side, there are many areas where the program comes short, especially when compared to some of the leading vertical jump training programs out there.

Bounce Kit has good features, but it falls short in some key areas.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the program is that it’s not complete

There are lots of good bits, but it lacks a coherent structure and doesn’t provide any reasoning behind the way it’s laid out.

Another thing that could make it difficult to use for some of the less experienced athletes is its complexity…

You’d be required to measure things like your one rep max for a lot of exercises, which can be tricky if you don’t have experience in lifting weights.

Finally, for the price that you’re paying, Bounce Kit just doesn’t deliver enough value

Some programs cost about the same or even cheaper and offer much more value, as well as a scientific explanation behind their principles.

So, Should You Try Jordan Kilganon’s Bounce Kit?

Well, although it has its drawbacks, if you really want to get in the shoes of Mr. Kilganon and see how he works out, this program can be a good fit and might even get you decent results.

But otherwise, as I said before, there are programs that do a better job and have a better track record, so you might want to at least do your research and consider your options before making a final decision.