About Me

mypictureMy name is Jesse and I live in the beautiful state of FL in the US.
I started playing basketball in an early age and I remember growing up as a kid I didn’t have much guidance and coaching when it came to improving my game. This was really missing for me and I had to learn everything mostly by myself, a thing which was very frustrating.

Therefore I’ve created this blog to help out people who love basketball and seek to improve their game. I have lots of experience and knowledge in the game which I’m going to be sharing here with you.

Sounds interesting?

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I look forward to be covering and discussing with you about many angles that relate to the game and make a contribution.

If you have any question for me you’re invited to either leave a comment on the blog or if you want to get in touch with me personally you can use the contact page and I will get back to you shortly.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and let’s get going…

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